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UK "Weighing Response" to Biden's China Tech Investment Curbs

The UK government says it is assessing how to respond to Joe Biden's new limits on US tech investments in China, as Britain continues evaluating potential national security risks.

Credits: REUTERS

The US President this week authorised restrictions on American investments in Chinese tech firms in semiconductors, AI and quantum computing. China has expressed grave concern about the move, while the UK says it will consider the new measures closely.

A spokesperson for PM Rishi Sunak said the US order provided clarity on Washington's stance. The UK has sought to stabilise ties with Beijing after turbulence over Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly outlined a new approach in April - protecting the UK by curbing China's national security threats, while still engaging on trade, investment and climate.

Sunak and Biden in June signed a deal to strengthen the historic security alliance, vowing deeper economic ties in advanced tech, clean energy and minerals.

Data shows China is not a big destination for British foreign investment compared to the US and Hong Kong.

  • Biden signed order restricting US investments in Chinese tech firms

  • China has expressed grave concern about the move

  • UK says it will assess potential security risks

  • UK recently tried to stabilise relations with China after rows


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