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U.S. Politicians Call for Action Against China Amid Micron Ban

Updated: Jan 5

House Representatives urge President Biden to rally allies, Japan and South Korea, against China's economic coercion after Micron Technology ban.

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Credits: REUTERS/Tingshu Wang

Two Republican chairmen from the House of Representatives, Michael McCaul and Mike Gallagher, have urged the Biden administration to take action against Chinese "economic aggression." They specifically called for rallying U.S. allies, including Japan and South Korea, in response to Beijing's effective ban on Micron Technology's memory chips.

China's cyberspace regulator recently declared that Micron failed its network security review, resulting in the ban. This development adds to the ongoing dispute over chip technology between the United States and China. Just one day prior, G7 leaders agreed on new initiatives to counter Chinese economic coercion.

In a letter to U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, McCaul and Gallagher emphasized the need to collaborate with Japan and South Korea. They emphasised the importance of ensuring companies from these nations do not seize market share lost to the ban, thereby undercutting Micron. The lawmakers emphasized the necessity for the United States to prevent China's economic aggression from succeeding, stating that the Commerce Department must rally U.S. partners and allies.

Raimondo has affirmed that the United States will not tolerate China's actions and is actively working with allies to address such economic coercion. The Chinese Embassy in Washington and the Commerce Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

McCaul and Gallagher further argued that China's actions against Micron should not discourage but rather invigorate export control measures against Chinese companies, such as Changxin Memory Technologies, if they pose a threat to U.S. national security or foreign policy interests. They stressed that failure to impose consequences for China's malign behaviour will only encourage further misconduct.

According to Reuters, Gallagher had previously called for trade curbs on Changxin Memory after Beijing's actions against Micron.

  • Republican chairmen of two House panels urge Biden administration to counter Chinese "economic aggression" following Micron ban.

  • China's cyberspace regulator banned Micron, citing network security concerns.

  • G7 leaders recently agreed on initiatives to combat Chinese economic coercion.

  • McCaul and Gallagher call for collaboration with Japan and South Korea to prevent market share loss for Micron.

  • U.S. Commerce Department must rally allies and partners.

  • Raimondo states the U.S. will not tolerate China's actions and is working with allies to address economic coercion.

  • China's Embassy and Commerce Department have not responded to requests for comment.

  • McCaul and Gallagher emphasise the need for export control measures against Chinese companies that threaten national security.

  • Gallagher previously called for trade curbs on Changxin Memory after Micron ban.

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