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Sony's AI-Powered Cameras Revolutionise Retail Advertising Analytics for 7-Eleven and Beyond

Sony, the renowned technology company, has recently unveiled a cutting-edge AI camera-powered system that aims to revolutionise the analysis of consumer behavior. The system has been installed in 500 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan, marking a significant step towards meeting the growing demand for high-precision analysis of in-store advertising effectiveness.

The cameras, developed by Sony Semiconductor Solutions, are compact in size, resembling a digital camera. They have been strategically placed in undisclosed locations within the 7-Eleven stores. The primary purpose of these cameras is to measure the effectiveness of digital signboards positioned above cash registers and beverage display shelves.

Using advanced AI technology, the cameras can detect where customers are looking, enabling them to determine whether the customers have viewed the signboards. The system also keeps track of the number of people who have viewed the signboards and the duration of their viewing.

While the cameras themselves are manufactured by another company, they incorporate Sony's semiconductor image sensors, which convert light into electric signals. These sensors possess built-in artificial intelligence capabilities, known as edge AI, allowing the cameras to perform tasks independently, from capturing images to processing data, without the need for additional equipment.

The AI technology extracts the relevant data and transmits it to the cloud in the form of text-based metadata. This data format not only reduces transmission and cloud server data load but also ensures the protection of personal information, as it eliminates the possibility of collecting sensitive data.

In-store retail media strategies, such as digital signage at the point of purchase, have become increasingly popular among major retailers, including convenience stores and supermarkets. These strategies aim to directly connect consumers with products, leading to more immediate purchases. However, measuring the effectiveness of such advertising methods has been a challenge.

Traditionally, retailers have relied on analysing changes in sales trends before and after implementing advertising campaigns to gauge their effectiveness. With the introduction of Sony's AI camera-powered system, retailers now have the ability to visualise viewership for each advertisement and analyse post-view purchasing behavior. This valuable information was previously difficult to ascertain.

"We are now able to visualise viewership for every advertisement and post-view purchasing behavior, information that was difficult to ascertain in the past," stated Seven-Eleven Japan, the largest convenience store chain in the country.

Sony will receive fees from 7-Eleven, covering the initial installation costs and flat-rate charges for utilising the system. The company has plans to expand the implementation of this innovative system to other major retailers and even the transportation advertising sector in the future.

  • Sony introduces AI camera-powered system in 500 7-Eleven stores in Japan

  • Cameras measure the effectiveness of digital signboards and analyse consumer behavior

  • Sony's semiconductor image sensors with built-in AI capabilities enable independent data processing

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