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Twitter Services Quickly Recover from Brief Outage as ChatGPT Returns, OpenAI Confirms reports over 200 incidents of Twitter issues, while OpenAI resolves ChatGPT logins and addresses "failed to get service status" error.

Credits: REUTERS

Twitter services experienced a temporary outage on Wednesday 12 July, as per, with approximately 5,287 reports of problems, but service was restored shortly thereafter.

OpenAI's popular chatbot ChatGPT also resumed operations, resolving logins and acknowledging an error related to service status. Despite a Reuters request for comment, Twitter has not provided an immediate response.

  • Twitter services and ChatGPT encounter temporary disruptions

  • records over 200 incidents with Twitter

  • OpenAI resolves ChatGPT logins and "failed to get service status" error

  • Twitter remains silent on Reuters' request for comment


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