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Twitter Safety Executive Leaves After Elon Musk's Criticism

Twitter faces fresh turmoil as key executive resigns amidst controversies surrounding transgender topics.

Credit: Reuters

A top Twitter executive responsible for safety and content moderation has left the company, raising concerns about the platform's handling of posts related to transgender issues.

The departure follows public criticism from owner Elon Musk, adding to the wave of turmoil among key officials since Musk took over last year. Ella Irwin, Twitter's head of trust and safety, confirmed her resignation through a series of tweets late Friday. While she did not disclose the specific reason for her departure, it coincided with Musk's disapproval of how Twitter managed tweets regarding a conservative media company's documentary questioning transgender medical treatment for children and teens.

Musk's remarks were in response to complaints from Jeremy Boreing, co-CEO of the media company, the Daily Wire. Boreing accused Twitter of suppressing the film by flagging posts about it as hate speech and excluding it from trending topics.

Boreing claimed that Twitter cancelled the deal to premiere the documentary, titled "What is a Woman?" for free on the platform due to two instances of "misgendering." Twitter's rules prohibit intentional misgendering of transgender individuals.

Musk replied to Boreing's tweets, stating, "This was a mistake by many people at Twitter. It is definitely allowed. Whether or not you agree with using someone's preferred pronouns, not doing so is at most rude and certainly breaks no laws."

On Friday, Irwin acknowledged her departure in a tweet, mentioning the speculation surrounding whether she was fired or resigned. She playfully teased that she would explain her departure in 24 tweets but later clarified that it was a joke. Irwin expressed gratitude for her time at Twitter and praised the team she worked with.

Alongside Musk, Irwin had been a prominent voice responsible for shaping Twitter's ever-evolving content policies in recent months. However, Twitter has faced challenges in regaining advertisers who were deterred by Musk's significant changes and relaxed stance on hate speech since his acquisition of the company for $44 billion in October. Additionally, Twitter has an incoming CEO, Linda Yaccarino, a veteran with extensive experience in the media and advertising industry, although she has yet to assume her role.

Neither Irwin nor Twitter responded to requests for comment from The Associated Press.

Since Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter and its subsequent privatization, the company has experienced significant turmoil, including mass layoffs and voluntary departures. The head of trust and safety left shortly after the takeover, and the company continues to witness turnover in its top ranks.

  • Twitter executive responsible for safety and content moderation resigns amid controversy over transgender topics.

  • Elon Musk publicly criticized Twitter's handling of tweets related to a conservative media company's documentary.

  • Twitter faces ongoing turmoil among key officials since Musk's takeover.

  • Ella Irwin, Twitter's head of trust and safety, confirmed her departure via Twitter.

  • Musk defended Twitter's handling of the documentary-related posts.

  • Irwin jokingly teased an explanation for her resignation but expressed gratitude towards her colleagues.

  • Twitter struggles to regain advertisers following Musk's changes and the loosening of hate speech rules.

  • Linda Yaccarino is set to become Twitter's new CEO.

  • The company has experienced layoffs and voluntary departures since going private under Musk's ownership.

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