This American Couple Trusted Tesla’s Autopilot Enough To Have Sex And Film It While The Car Dr

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Photo from Tesla

Despite incidents involving Tesla’s cars and Autopilot function, a couple in the USA were bold enough to try having sex in their Tesla Model X while letting the Autopilot feature drive the car down the highway.

Adult actress Taylor Jackson and her boyfriend were taking a road trip in the car when the idea first came to them and after a bit of research, they realised nobody in the world had ever created a video in the same situation, so they decided to recreate the scenario and post it on PornHub. The video has now garnered over 6 million views and “Tesla” even became the top search term on the site.

So what did Elon Musk think? A few days after the news of the video went viral, the CEO and co-founder of Tesla tweeted “Turns out there’s more ways to use Autopilot than we imagined”, quickly following up with a cheeky “Shoulda seen that coming …”.

Despite their antics, Jackson and her boyfriend cautioned against anybody else following in their footsteps, acknowledging that it was “dangerous”; the pair actually knocked into the steering wheel while filming and the car left Autopilot mode.

Tesla also recommends that drivers only use the Autopilot mode when there is “active driver supervision” and both hands should be on the wheel. So if you have a Tesla and you’re considering doing something of a similar nature, don’t.