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  • Kyle Chua

Third-Party Joystick Replacement Kit Can Permanently Fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift

Joy-Con drift on the Nintendo Switch may soon be a thing of the past, with third-party gaming accessories maker GuliKit coming out with a set of joystick replacements that can eliminate the pesky issue for good.

Credit: GuliKit

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you've likely experienced – or are at least aware of – Joy-Con drift, a controller issue that causes the analog sticks to move around randomly and send false inputs even when you're not touching them. The problem has reportedly persisted in the different iterations of the Switch, including the latest model, the OLED Switch.

Nintendo has suggested that Joy-Con drift may never be addressed, though the Switch's detachable controllers have supposedly benefitted from improvements since it was first launched. Ko Shiota, General Manager of Nintendo’s Technology Development Division in a Q&A said the Joy-Con’s internal components could wear down the more they’re used the same way car tires do. That’s what’s said to be causing the drift.

Credit: GuliKit

GuliKit’s replacement sticks don’t use the same components as Nintendo, however. They instead use Hall effect sensors, which aren’t prone to drift. That’s because the sensors use magnets to detect the joystick’s movement, where none of the components make physical contact with each other and thus don’t wear down the same way, according to iFixit.

The only catch is that you’ll have to install the replacements yourself, which could possibly void any warranties you may still have on your Switch or Joy-Cons. The kit at least includes a screwdriver, replacement screws, a tweezer and a plastic pry, apart from the joysticks themselves, saving you from needing to buy tools if you don’t have some yet. It’s being sold on the U.S. Amazon store for US$30.

If you’re not confident in your own repair skills or would rather not void your warranty, you also have the option to send your Joy-Cons back to Nintendo or buy new ones. These are, of course, the safer solutions against Joy-Con drift, but they likely won’t be permanent.

  • Third-party gaming accessories maker GuliKit's joystick replacements can solve Joy-Con drift for good.

  • That's because they use magnet-based sensors to detect the joystick’s movements, where none of the components make physical contact with each other and thus don’t deteriorate the same way as Nintendo's standard Joy-Con.

  • The replacement kit is being sold on the U.S. Amazon store for US$30.

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