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The Suunto Race Review | A Comprehensive Training Companion

Updated: Apr 17

As a fitness enthusiast seeking to optimise my routine, I was eager to test the Suunto Race and see if it could provide valuable tools to track workouts and monitor progress. Right away, I was impressed by the extensive sports modes offered. With over 95 activities supported, the Suunto Race Watch caters to any training regimen, whether indoor or outdoor.

Within each mode, you can customise up to four data views to display key metrics. The large 1.43-inch AMOLED touchscreen makes navigating between modes seamless. Its high resolution and brightness ensure the data is always clear to view.

Where the Suunto Race stands out though is in its advanced tracking capabilities. As recovery plays an important role in workouts, the new nightly heart rate variability (HRV) insights provide a deeper understanding of the body's stress levels. By monitoring HRV, you gain insights into how well your body is adapting to stressors, training load, and recovery. HRV data is integrated into Suunto Coach which is an AI-based coach that analyses hundreds of different parameters after each workout for customised guidance tailored to individual needs.

The interface on the Suunto Race watch is designed for seamless, distraction-free workouts. Navigation is intuitive with the digital crown and touchscreen. Menu navigation uses simple left/right swipes between screens. Tapping enters the sub-menus where options are organised logically. Guidance is also provided through on-screen tutorials. Customisable widgets on the watch face provide at-a-glance access to key data like steps, HRV and weather. Daily metrics summarise progress without opening additional apps. Music and podcast controls let users change tracks directly from their wrist. Volume can be adjusted on compatible headphones too.

The extensive fitness tests and guided workouts available on the watch offer structure to build targeted training plans. Detailed offline maps, meanwhile, ensure smooth navigation regardless of battery level or location. Suunto claims up to 12 days of standard smartwatch usage in gesture-based display mode. Even more impressive is the battery performance in always-on display mode. Many other watches struggle to surpass 3-4 days with this setting active, but the Race exceeded expectations at a full 7 days. This allowed me to keep the time and key stats visible at all times with minimal battery impact.

For those focused on event performance, the RaceTime estimations and real-time pacing feedback take the guesswork out of preparation. The Race’s stellar battery also provides peace of mind for extended sessions. Of course, durability and comfort are essential for any training tool. Crafted from lightweight yet robust materials, the Race's 49mm case withstood all conditions tested. Its 100m water resistance provides reassurance for sweaty sessions or inclement weather.

Whether tracking workouts, monitoring progress, or utilising advanced metrics, the Race delivers an unparalleled training experience. Personalised widgets, daily metrics, and the training planner provide a comprehensive overview in one place.

The watch’s always-on display mode uses minimal power while keeping key stats visible. Gesture and touchscreen navigation are smooth and intuitive. Music controls add convenience when paired with headphones. Two model options in titanium or stainless steel suit varied budgets and styles.

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In summary, the Suunto Race transforms training potential with extensive sports support, dedicated tools, and stellar battery life. For anyone seeking an advanced multi-sport companion, this watch is worthy of consideration. Its comprehensive feature-set and refined performance establish new standards in the field. Whether just starting a routine or an elite athlete, its tools optimise the experience for all levels and goals.

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