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Test Products Virtually at Home With The Newly Launched Dyson Demo VR

Thinking of treating yourself this Christmas with something from Dyson? Whether it’s a vacuum or a hair styler, test it (virtually) in the comfort of your own home through Dyson’s new Demo VR service.

Dyson Demo VR Credit: Dyson

Known for its innovative technology, Dyson now enables customers to try, test and have a better understanding of its products through an immersive online environment using a VR headset. This makes it more convenient for customers to get the answers that they need before making a decision any time they choose to and without even having to leave their homes.

As the first virtual store of its kind, Dyson sees this new initiative as a way to reach its customers in a smart, engaging way.

“As engineers, we are concerned with improving things and that includes how people understand our products. We have been harnessing powerful virtual reality technologies to engineer new products in our labs for many years, now we are applying those same technologies to re-invent how people explore our products. Our customers increasingly want to buy directly from us, which makes sense, because we created the technology and we are best placed to look after them. We are also trying new ways to explain our technologies through our hair salons, testing zones instore, online live streams, 1:1 live video,” said James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer.

Making use of the same visualisation and simulation technology that Dyson engineers use to create prototypes, test and develop products and software, the Dyson Demo VR app is now available through the Oculus store.

Credit: Unsplash

“Dyson technologies solve complex problems and you have to use them to truly understand them. Real-world trials are critical to ensuring our products are high-performing, robust and reliable but enhanced virtual simulations mean we can test faster and in a greater number of scenarios. Simulation enables our engineers to see the effects of their design brought to life earlier in the design process so that we can develop higher-performing technologies faster,” shared Mike Aldred, Dyson Senior Principle Engineer.

While still on Phase One - with regular updates to be made later on, here’s what customers can expect from the Dyson Demo VR:

  • Product Demos - have you been eyeing the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, the Corrale straightener or the Airwrap styler? Dyson’s well-loved products are considered an investment, so it’ll be good to try it out to ensure you’re making the right choice.

  • Inside the Technology - ever wondered how Dyson’s famed products work? Through interviews with the Dyson engineers and visual animations, everyone can now get to see how Dyson technology works.

  • Home Trialing - this practical feature is very important as it enables customers to have a good gauge if Dyson technology will work well with their home. From carpets to hard floors, this feature of the Dyson Demo VR helps you ensure that you’re getting the right product for your type of environment.

  • Future Releases - still thinking about it? This feature allows customers to have a virtual shopping experience with the benefit of being able to speak with a Dyson Expert to better assist them with their product queries.

Virtual reality has always been an integral part of Dyson’s product development, with Dyson’s EV project making use of this technology to simulate an on-road experience. Dyson’s engineers were able to build virtual prototypes, from understanding its motors, testing proximity, performance and tackling possible problems.

According to Sean Newmarch, Dyson E-Commerce Director, “Dyson Demo VR means that we can now bring our technologies to life for our customers in ways that were previously beyond imagination. Using the same technologies and tools used within our labs, we can explain better how Dyson machines work and why they make a difference. All of this can be done using our actual design data. We can show people a virtual product operating in a virtual room but using the actual product software – it doesn’t get much more realistic than that.”

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