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Spotify Trials Voice Translation Feature for Podcasts

Spotify, the popular audio-streaming company, is currently testing an AI-powered feature that will enable the translation of podcasts into different languages.

Credits: REUTERS

This new feature aims to attract more users and increase revenue by capitalising on generative artificial intelligence technology.

The translated versions, powered by Microsoft-backed OpenAI's voice generation technology, will mimic the original speaker's style and provide a more natural listening experience compared to traditional dubbing.

The testing phase involves podcasts from well-known personalities such as Dax Shepard, Lex Fridman, Monica Padman, Bill Simmons and Steven Bartlett. Initially, the voice translations will be available in languages including Spanish, French and German for select episodes in the catalog, as well as for future releases. This expansion is expected to broaden the audience for these shows.

Spotify has been heavily investing in its podcast business in recent years, hoping that the format's higher engagement levels will attract more advertisers. However, this strategy has led to increased operating expenditure, which grew at twice the rate of revenue growth last year. Additionally, businesses have been reducing their ad spending due to rising interest rates and high inflation.

The introduction of the voice translation feature demonstrates Spotify's commitment to innovation and its efforts to stay ahead in the competitive audio-streaming market. By leveraging AI technology, the company aims to enhance the user experience and cater to a more diverse audience.

  • Spotify is testing an AI-powered voice translation feature for podcasts.

  • The feature aims to attract new users and boost revenue.

  • Translated versions will mimic the original speaker's style and provide a natural listening experience.


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