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Spotify to Become Exclusive Host of Warner Bros. Discovery Podcasts

Updated: Jan 5

[Edited] In a move to boost monetization efforts, Warner Bros Discovery has announced that music streaming giant Spotify will host its podcasts.

The partnership will see Warner Bros Discovery's podcasts being hosted on Spotify's enterprise podcast platform, Megaphone, and monetized through the Spotify Audience Network.

The Spotify Audience Network, an advertising marketplace for podcasts, was first launched in 2021 and has seen significant growth in advertiser participation over the past year, with a 45% increase.

Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav had previously mentioned the company's focus on bundling offerings to enhance the consumer experience. This move aligns with their strategy of expanding their reach and providing a seamless platform for their content.

In November, it was reported that Verizon is planning to offer ad-supported versions of Warner Bros Discovery's Max streaming services and Netflix for a combined monthly fee of around $10, as opposed to the current $17. This further emphasizes the trend towards bundling services to attract and retain subscribers.

The collaboration between Spotify and Warner Bros Discovery highlights the growing importance of podcasts in the media landscape. With Spotify's extensive user base and Megaphone's podcast hosting capabilities, Warner Bros Discovery can tap into a wider audience and generate revenue through targeted advertising.

This partnership also benefits Spotify, as it strengthens its position as a leading platform for podcast hosting and distribution. By hosting Warner Bros Discovery's podcasts, Spotify can attract more listeners and advertisers to its platform, further solidifying its dominance in the podcasting industry.

  • Warner Bros Discovery has partnered with Spotify to host its podcasts on the Megaphone platform.

  • The podcasts will be monetized through the Spotify Audience Network, an advertising marketplace for podcasts.

  • The collaboration allows Warner Bros Discovery to expand its reach and generate revenue through targeted advertising.


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