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South Korea's National Orchestra Conducted by Robot

Updated: Jan 3

[Edited] In a groundbreaking event, an android robot named EveR 6 took the conductor's podium in Seoul on Friday evening to lead a performance by South Korea's national orchestra.

 EveR 6
Credits: REUTERS

This marked the first attempt of its kind in the country.

Designed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, the two-armed robot made its debut at the National Theater of Korea, conducting the musicians of the national orchestra. With its humanoid face, EveR 6 first bowed to the audience and then started waving its arms to control the tempo of the live show.

Choi Soo-yeoul, who led Friday's performance alongside the robot, commented on the robot's ability to replicate the detailed movements of a conductor. "Movements by a conductor are very detailed," Choi said. "The robot was able to present such detailed moves much better than I had imagined."

However, Choi also pointed out a "critical weakness" of EveR 6, stating that it cannot listen. This limitation was echoed by Lee Young-ju, an audience member who studies traditional Korean music. While acknowledging the robot's impeccable rhythm, Lee mentioned that it lacked the ability to keep the orchestra ready to engage collectively and instantly, which is essential in a performance. Lee said, "It seemed there was some work to be done for the robot to do the job."

Another audience member, Song In-ho, expressed a similar sentiment, stating that EveR 6's performance appeared to be at an elementary level. However, Song speculated that with the integration of artificial intelligence to understand and analyze music, the robot might be able to conduct on its own.

The introduction of EveR 6 as a conductor in the national orchestra marks a significant milestone in the integration of robotics and music. While the robot showcased impressive movements, there is still room for improvement in terms of its ability to listen and respond to the nuances of a live performance. As technology continues to advance, it will be interesting to see how robots like EveR 6 can further contribute to the world of music.

  • An android robot named EveR 6 conducted a performance by South Korea's national orchestra in Seoul.

  • Designed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, the robot made its debut at the National Theater of Korea.

  • EveR 6 replicated the detailed movements of a conductor but lacked the ability to listen.


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