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SONY ZV-1F Review : Made For Vloggers

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel and today we have yet another review for Sony's new compact camera which is the ZV1F. It looks very similar to the ZV1, well because in more ways than one, it sort of is coming with the same 20.1 Exmor Rs CMOS sensor, but with some differing features that make it feel slightly new in one way, but also worse for some.

Considering how Sony themselves claim that this camera is mostly catered for vlogging essentials with features to help vloggers capture moments more efficiently. Part of which is this automatic feature that immediately turns on the camera when you flip out the screen and switches off when it's closed. You still get a tally light at the front indicating that it's recording when you hit record, as well as the familiar illuminated border around a new LCD touchscreen display.

I personally think that Sony have been dissecting more and more of their camera department as video features on cameras are on higher demand in the last few years than it has ever been, so needless to say that this camera would suit specifically for creators looking for something compact and lightweight, without losing the essentials of a good vlogging tool. Another aspect to that