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  • Kyle Chua

Sony Reportedly Working on PS5 Model With Detachable Disc Drive

Sony is reportedly working on a brand new PS5 model, with the original turning two years old this year.

Credit: Sony PlayStation

The big change of this rumoured model is said to be a detachable disc drive. According to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, the new model is a lighter version of the original, which gives you the option to connect a Blu-Ray disc drive via an additional USB-C port at the back of the console.

Note that this is just an option and won’t replace the existing PS5 Digital Edition. Henderson adds that Sony plans to sell two versions of the digital model: one that only includes the console itself and another that comes bundled with the disc drive.

You’ll also be able to purchase the disc drive on its own, in case you already own a PS5 and want to take advantage of the new option.

The disc drive is said to match the overall aesthetics of the redesigned PS5, which, if true, should allow it to blend nicely with your console setup. Meanwhile, the console itself is expected to be smaller than the models being sold today. Performance-wise, however, there won’t be any changes, with Henderson’s sources stressing that this isn’t the so-called PS5 Pro.

As for release, the new model is said to be due out a year from now, hitting the market sometime in September 2023. Sony allegedly wants to sell more of the new model next year, ordering 18.5 million units versus 12 million units for the existing model. No mention of the price yet.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive. Credit: Microsoft via Engadget

The idea of selling external disc drives that connect to game consoles isn't new. Microsoft released an add-on HD DVD Drive for the Xbox 360 back in 2006.

Again, as with most rumours and speculation, it’s always advised to take them with a grain of salt. There’s still a chance that Sony’s plans could change between today and next year, so don’t dwell on the specifics just yet.

Hopefully, the launch of a new model could remedy the ongoing shortage of PS5 consoles across the globe. Despite being close to two years old, you’d still be hard-pressed to find stocks in stores, which is unusual in the typical console release cycle.

  • Sony is reportedly working on a new PS5 digital model, one that comes bundled with a detachable disc drive.

  • The add-on peripheral could also be bought on its own, in case you already own a PS5.

  • The new model and the disc drive are expected to release in September 2023.

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