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Sony Faces US$7.9 Billion Lawsuit In UK Over PlayStation Store Prices

Updated: Jan 5

Sony is set to confront a mass lawsuit worth up to US$7.9 billion over allegations that the company exploited its dominant position, resulting in unfair prices for customers on the PlayStation Store.


A London tribunal ruled on Tuesday that Sony must face the lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of nearly 9 million people in the United Kingdom who purchased digital games or add-on content through the PlayStation Store.

Consumer advocate Alex Neill, who is leading the case against Sony, values the lawsuit at up to £5 billion ($6.23 billion) plus interest. Neill's lawyers estimate the aggregate damages to be up to £6.3 billion. The claim argues that Sony abused its dominant position by mandating that digital games and add-ons be exclusively bought and sold through the PlayStation Store, which charges a 30% commission to developers and publishers. As a result, customers allegedly paid higher prices for games and add-on content than they would have otherwise.

Sony's legal team argued that the case was fundamentally flawed and should be dismissed. However, the Competition Appeal Tribunal ruled that Neill's case could proceed, with the exception of individuals who made PlayStation Store purchases after the lawsuit was filed in 2022.

In response to the ruling, Neill stated that it was "the first step in ensuring consumers get back what they're owed."

  • Sony is facing a £6.3 billion ($7.9 billion) lawsuit over alleged unfair prices on the PlayStation Store.

  • The lawsuit represents nearly 9 million people in the UK who purchased digital games or add-on content.

  • Consumer advocate Alex Neill is leading the case, valuing it at up to £5 billion ($6.23 billion) plus interest.


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