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  • Kyle Chua

Singapore Becomes First Country With Full 5G Coverage

Singapore is now the first country in the world to be fully 5G-ready.

Credit: Mike Enerio via Unsplash

Singtel today announced that about 95% of the island city-state has standalone 5G coverage – a milestone it has achieved more than three years ahead of the end-2025 regulatory target. The telco giant touts its fifth generation mobile network covers more than 1,300 outdoor locations, over 400 in-building, as well as underground sites, which opens a broad range of applications and experiences for consumers and enterprises alike.

"We’re extremely excited about this important milestone for both Singtel and Singapore as nationwide standalone 5G coverage is a major leap in technology that will spur unprecedented digitalisation," said Singtel CEO Mr Yuen Kuan Moon. "This means that Singapore can now exploit the full capabilities and best applications that 5G can offer, paving the way for innovation and new growth that will propel our country forward."

The executive said Singtel managed to accelerate the deployment of 5G and beat its initial target by having its planners and engineers work through the pandemic. It was during this period when the company was awarded the 3.5GHz and the millimetre wave spectrum as part of the 5G licence issued by the IMDA in June 2020, and an additional 2.1GHz spectrum in November 2021.

Singtel CEO Mr Yuen Kuan Moon. Credit: Singtel

Singtel's 5G efforts date as early as 2018 when it launched the first pilot network with Ericsson. Since then, the company achieved numerous milestones in terms of widening public access to 5G, including the launch of 5G@Sentosa, a tested for public sector use cases, and Paragon, an all-in-one edge computing platform that streamlines corporate operations, among others.

To celebrate the nationwide rollout of 5G, Singtel is letting Singaporeans experience the National Day Parade with all the benefits the new mobile network has to offer. Those who can't be at the event, which will be held at the floating platform this year, can catch it from the comfort of their homes as it will be streamed on 5G and in ultra-high-definition. On-site spectators, meanwhile, can seamlessly stream the event from their social media accounts or upload high-resolution content from the parade in a flash.

In line with this, the company is offering customers a range of National Day Parade exclusives, including unlimited 5G data on 9 August. They can also access the full range of programmes on Singtel CAST and Singtel TV from 6 to 9 August. Seniors, meanwhile, can purchase the new Xiaomi Redmi 10 5G handset for just $57 during the promo period.

"As a homegrown Singaporean company, we feel honoured to have provided the critical infrastructure and essential services that have sustained the nation’s progress through the years and are pleased to launch this next-generation technology to commemorate Singapore turning 57," said Mr Yuen Kuan Moon.

  • Singtel announced Singapore is now the first country in the world to be fully 5G-ready, with about 95% of the island city-state having standalone coverage of the next-generation mobile network.

  • To celebrate, the telco giant will be using 5G to stream the National Day Parade festivities in ultra-high-definition.

  • The company will also be offering customers a range of exclusives for the event, including unlimited 5G data on 9 August.

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