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Malaysia's Setel Introduces On-Demand Auto Assistance Feature

Fuel payment app Setel has added another interesting service to its app that could benefit a lot of stranded motorists. The Petronas-owned platform now has a feature called Auto Assistance, which lets drivers order emergency car services on demand straight from the app.

setel auto assistance

Auto Assistance is launching with six services for those in a pinch: battery replacement, jump-start, tyre change, emergency refuelling assistance, vehicle lockout and towing services. Setel's first partner for the feature is local roadside assistance provider, whose mechanics will come to your aid when you order one of the services through the app.

To use it, you just need to tap on Auto Assistance on the app, choose the service that you need, fill in your vehicle model and location details and wait for the service provider to contact you to confirm the details before you make payment. You will even have the option to trade in your old battery to get a slight discount on a battery replacement.

setel auto assistance
Credit: Setel

Setel says that usually, will call you for confirmation within two minutes of requesting for assistance. Keep in mind that based on your location or your vehicle model, the service may not have the battery you need in stock. Additionally, only one service can be active at a time so if you change your mind about what kind of service you need, you will have to cancel the ongoing request or wait until it is completed, though refunds won't be given for cancelled requests.

In the case where you have already paid for a battery replacement and the mechanic informs you that you only need a jump-start, you can choose to opt for the jump-start instead and get a partial refund. On the other hand, if you request a jump-start and found out later that you actually need a new battery, the mechanic will assist you in upgrading your request.

The best part of using Auto Assistance instead of other roadside assistance services is that when you pay via Setel, you will earn redeemable Mesra points in your account. According to, its battery replacements come with a warranty of between six to 18 months, depending on the brand, type and vehicle model.

  • Setel has launched a new feature on its app called Auto Assistance.

  • Auto Assistance provides emergency services to stranded motorists such as battery replacements, jump-starts, tyre changes, emergency refuelling and more.

  • Users can earn Mesra points when they use the feature.

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