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  • Cheryl Tan

SecretLab Titan Chair (2020) Review: Everything you need to know!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

You’ve seen your favourite streamers, celebrities and content creators using these. SecretLab has been a prominent figure in the gaming scene but it’s not just gamers that are snagging these chairs up, anyone who spends long periods of time in front of a desk knows the importance of a good chair.

Secretlab’s new 2020 models come with their all-new PRIME 2.0 PU leather as well as some improvements to the assembly experience. But is this SecretLab Titan chair worth its price tag?


A good chair should disappear from your mind and allow you to focus on your work without worrying about adjusting or shifting your weight in the chair. After using the chair for over 2 weeks, I barely notice it anymore, I can sit for hours without feeling sore or uncomfortable. Once you’ve adjusted everything to your liking, there’s not much else you need to worry about.

Choosing the right model

But before that, you need to purchase the correct sized chair. The Omega and Titan series are different models that cater to different sized people according to height & weight, it’s best to try it out at SecretLab’s showrooms or a roadshow, to fully know which model suits you best.

The Omega is suited for people with a height below 180cm and a weight not exceeding 110kg. Titan for people with a height range from 175cm to 200cm with a weight not exceeding 130kg. SecretLab also has a larger model equipped with a heavy-duty seat tilt mechanism for taller or heavier users, the Titan XL, recommended for people with a height range of 180cm to 208cm and a weight range from 100kg to 180kg.

Aside from that, the Omega and Titan also have a big difference in the form of the seats. On the Omega, the slimmer bucket shape of the seat offers a snug fit but doesn’t allow cross-legged seating. On the Titan, however, you can sit cross-legged as the bucket shape of the seat is wider. With this increased size of the Titan model, the seat is also deeper and meant for taller people.

Now, this is a rather strange sizing decision that you have to make, if you like to sit cross-legged on your chair, you’ll have to go for the Titan. But that also means that if you are short, you’ll find the seat too deep and not as comfortable when in your regular seated position. I’m sure SecretLab had their reasons for the designs of these models but perhaps in the future, we’ll see an Omega with a wider bucket seat for shorter people who love to sit cross-legged.

Overall Adjustments

The structure of the chair can be adjusted in 2-phases, the reclining backrest and the multi-tilt mechanism seat that is spring-loaded and can be left loose.

I did wish that the same spring mechanism could be implemented to the upper backrest, allowing the option of an open spring mode as well. The Titan model does come with adjustable lumbar support that you can adjust from the side, but the Omega series does not, instead SecretLab offers a free lumbar support cushion with your purchase.

Armrest Adjustments

The 4-directional full metal armrest can be height adjusted to match your table for good ergonomics, the width is adjustable either from the bottom of the chair for major adjustments or from the armrest for micro-adjustment to suit your shoulder widths. The angle of the armrest is also adjustable to match the positions of your peripherals and lastly, the forward and back movements of the armrest lets you move closer or further away from your desk.

Cushion Comfort

Secretlab’s cold-cure foam mix creates a great balance between comfort and support. Cold-cure moulded foam is a relatively low-temperature foaming process that offers significantly greater compressive strength while having the soft firmness that provides comfort for extended hours of sitting. It did feel stiff when I first sat on it but according to other reviews, the foam will soften over time.


The Softweave Fabric version is more durable but not suited for users living in warmer climates, it can be easily stained and is harder to clean.

But you might be more interested in the new PRIME 2.0 PU leather, SecretLab’s solution to the infamous peeling chairs from their first few batches. The improved version of the PU leather is said to have better flexing and abrasion resistance giving it a longer lifespan. It is water-resistant, easy to clean and looks exceptionally premium.

This new PU leather is said to be four times more durable, but this isn’t something that can’t be tested for now. However, SecretLab did recently announce a new “Peel Protection Guarantee” for the 2018 and 2020 series. A 3-year warranty, which is also extendable to 5-years, to cover peeling issues if it arises in their new PRIME 2.0 PU leather.

There is also a NAPA leather version that is made of a premium full leather finish, the same materials used in luxury cars and boutique bags. But of course, this will cost you almost twice as much as the PU leather.

Good Points

This chair is fully adjustable to fit your comfort and posture. More importantly, when you pair it up with an adjustable table, you have the ability to fully customise the ergonomics of your setup.

SecretLab offers a wide range of colours and themes for their chairs with new models coming out each year with improved materials and choices of colours to suit anyone.

The company has also developed and improved the assembly experience for their customers. Some examples include new guide rails at the backrest and seat connection, as well as magnetic snap-on covers to replace screw-on covers.

Bad Points

As previously mentioned, I felt the Titan model’s seat was a bit too deep. This might be my own fault for buying a chair that is recommended for a taller person but this was the only model that would allow cross-legged seating.

The armrest was the only part of the chair that felt shaky and loose; this might be for mechanical reasons but it was the only part that didn’t feel as firm as the rest of the chair.

All in all, the SecretLab Titan is a pretty good option that offers excellent comfort if you fit the right criteria. With more of us working from home nowadays, the importance of a good chair cannot be stressed enough.


Written by Shawn Koh ( Community Creator)

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