Samsung’s Modular, Customisable Bespoke Refrigerators Coming to SG in Second Half of 2021

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

EDIT 12/5/2021: We’ve received clarification from Samsung Singapore on what appliances are currently confirmed for the Singapore market and updated this article to reflect the news.

At CES 2021, Samsung showcased their modular refrigerators that allowed homeowners to purchase different finishes and colours for their refrigerator and freezer doors, mixing and matching to their hearts’ content.


Credit: Samsung

It’s not just different colours though. Samsung even allows homeowners to choose whether they want the fridge doors to open on the left or right side, as well as what modules they want to pair together, whether it’s the standard one door fridge module or the one with a freezer unit. This results in a more sustainable approach as customers can swap out and upgrade individual modules as needed instead of having to purchase a whole new refrigerator. Those Bespoke refrigerators will be rolling out in North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS, the Middle East, and select regions across Asia and Africa in 2021.

Samsung has even introduced a whole Bespoke home appliance package, with an over-the-range microwave, cooking range and dishwashers. There’s even a Bespoke faucet that’s modular and smart, with options for cold and hot water. Samsung is also launching a Bespoke mini-refrigerator that can adjust the temperature to store wine, beverages or even cosmetics. The expanded range will be rolling out first to customers in North America and Europe.

Samsung Jet Vacuum Cleaner

Credit: Samsung

For people looking for home cleaning solutions though, Samsung has their Bespoke Jet stick vacuum cleaner with 210 watts of suction power at a weight of just 2.5kg. The Bespoke Jet is launching globally in the second half of 2021 in three colours.

There’s also Jet Bot AI+, a robot vacuum that pet owners will definitely be intrigued by. The robot vacuum starts recording when a pet comes into view, and the videos can be sent to a phone in real-time, allowing pet owners to monitor their fur babies remotely. It will be available in America, Europe, CIS and Southeast Asia in the second half of 2021.

Samsung_AX9500 Purifier

Credit: Samsung

If you’re worried about the air quality in your home, there’s a Bespoke air purifier that can pull in air from 5 directions and removes 99.999% of the dust from the surroundings. Unfortunately, this will only be available in America from 3Q 2021, with no indication on whether it will be headed to other regions.

Samsung hasn’t forgotten about the fashionistas amongst us though. There’s a new Bespoke ShoeDresser that dehumidifies, deodorises and dries out shoes after each wear, prolonging their lifespan and keeping them in tip-top shape.

Samsung AirDresser

Credit: Samsung

For your clothes though, there’s the Bespoke AirDresser that steams clothes to deodorise and clean them while also getting wrinkles out.


Credit: Samsung

But what about us here in Singapore? Well, we’ll be able to get in on the action in the second half of 2021 too. We’ve heard that the Bespoke refrigerators are coming to Singapore in the second half of 2021, but while there’s no information yet if other appliances in the Bespoke range will be coming to Singapore, we’re definitely holding out hope for the AirDresser, air purifier and more!


Written by Cheryl Tan