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  • Cheryl Tan

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold to Start Shipping in September 2019

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Credit: Samsung

If you pre-ordered your Galaxy Fold back when it was first announced and haven’t cancelled your order, rejoice! Samsung will start shipping the first few units in September 2019, after releasing an announcement that they’ve fixed the issues with the hinge and protective layer.

In a statement released on 24th July, Samsung mentioned that they’ve extended the top protective layer, that reviewers were mistakenly peeling off, beyond the bezel to show that it’s not a removable part of the phone.

Credit: Samsung

The top and bottom of the hinges have also been reinforced with new protection caps to make sure no debris will make its way into the phone through spaces in the folded hinge. Samsung has gone a step further by adding even more metal layers under the display and reducing the space between the hinge and body of the phone.

Availability details will be released closer to the September shipping date.

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