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Samsung Poised to Surpass Xiaomi as India's Leading Smartphone Brand in 2023

Updated: Jan 5

[Edited] According to Counterpoint Research, Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi is expected to lose its position as the top smartphone brand in India to its South Korean rival, Samsung Electronics.

This would mark the first time since 2018 that Xiaomi is dethroned. Xiaomi's share of the shipping volume in the Indian smartphone market is predicted to drop to 15% this year, a 5 percentage point decrease from the previous year. Samsung, on the other hand, is projected to secure 18% of the market, while Chinese peer Vivo is expected to claim 17%.

Samsung's quarterly shipments have consistently outperformed Xiaomi's for four consecutive quarters, as per Counterpoint Research data. Samsung had previously held the top spot in the Indian market for six years until the last quarter of 2017 when it was overtaken by Xiaomi. However, recent geopolitical tensions and the crackdown on Chinese tech companies have put Chinese brands in a more precarious position.

Following a deadly border clash between Chinese and Indian forces in 2020, the Indian government has increased pressure on Chinese tech companies. Several Chinese apps, including TikTok and WeChat, were banned and Chinese brands faced raids and tax penalties. In April of this year, Xiaomi's plea to return funds worth over US$676 million, which were seized due to allegations of illegal remittances, was rejected by an Indian High Court. Xiaomi has denied the accusations and plans to continue the legal battle.

Indian authorities have also conducted raids on the offices of Xiaomi and Vivo over tax evasion and money laundering allegations. Xiaomi has already closed its financial services business in India and removed its mobile payment and digital lending apps from local app stores.

  • Xiaomi is expected to lose its position as India's top smartphone brand to Samsung.

  • Xiaomi's market share is predicted to drop to 15% this year, while Samsung is projected to secure 18%.

  • Samsung's quarterly shipments have consistently outperformed Xiaomi's.

Source: SCMP

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