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Samsung Enhances AI Capabilities in Foldable Phones, Introduces Advanced Health Monitoring in Smartwatch and Ring

Samsung unveils lighter and slimmer foldable phones with enhanced AI functions. New Galaxy Watch products offer advanced health monitoring capabilities. Samsung introduces the revolutionary Galaxy Ring for continuous health tracking.

 Samsung Electronics' new Galaxy Z Fold 6

The new models feature enhanced AI functions and offer sophisticated health monitoring capabilities, including a new smartwatch and a revolutionary ring.

In a bid to regain its market share in the foldable segment, Samsung has made significant improvements to its flagship models. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is now lighter and slimmer than ever before, designed to attract customers with its sleek and ergonomic design. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 boasts a longer battery life, a higher resolution camera, and a new vapour chamber that keeps the phone cooler, addressing customer feedback and enhancing user experience.

Despite rising material costs, Samsung has kept the price increase minimal compared to last year's models. The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is priced at US$1,099.99, while the Galaxy Z Fold 6 starts at US$1,899.99. This strategic pricing decision aims to make the latest foldable phones more accessible to consumers without compromising on quality.

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Z Flip 6

Samsung has also focused on integrating advanced AI functions into its devices. The new "listening mode" allows users to enjoy simultaneous interpretation through their Galaxy Buds earphones. Additionally, Samsung has collaborated with Google to introduce new AI search functions, including the ability to display step-by-step solutions to math problems when they are circled on the screen.

Recognising the growing demand for health and fitness tracking, Samsung has introduced a range of innovative features in its Galaxy Watch products. Equipped with new sensors and a powerful 3-nanometre chip, the watches offer improved application booting and processing efficiencies. Notably, the Galaxy Watch is now a U.S. FDA-approved monitoring device for sleep apnea. It also provides valuable data for cycling enthusiasts, such as functional threshold power (FTP), and measures advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), a biomarker related to diabetes.

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra

Taking its commitment to health monitoring a step further, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Ring, a groundbreaking product that has been years in the making. Weighing just 3 grams (0.1 ounce), the ring can be worn in the shower or while swimming, making it a versatile companion for everyday use. It continuously monitors heart rate and stress levels and can even control a Samsung phone's camera or alarm.

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Smart Ring

Industry experts believe that Samsung's focus on AI-powered health and fitness features will set it apart from other smartwatch vendors and attract brand switchers in the premium segment. Jack Leathem, a Research Analyst at Canalys, emphasises the importance of these features in differentiating Samsung's wearables and driving consumer interest.

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Smart Ring

The new Samsung foldable phones, smartwatches, and the Galaxy Ring will be available for purchase starting July 24 in South Korea, North America, and Europe.

  • Samsung unveils lighter and slimmer foldable phones with enhanced AI functions

  • New Galaxy Watch products offer advanced health monitoring capabilities

  • Samsung introduces the revolutionary Galaxy Ring for continuous health tracking


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