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Roblox to Launch on PlayStation and Introduce AI World-Building Tools

Roblox, the popular gaming company, has announced its plans to bring its immersive digital worlds platform to Sony's PlayStation devices in October.


This move will give Roblox access to the vast user base of PlayStation gamers. Additionally, Roblox will make its app fully available on Meta's Quest mixed reality devices this month, following a successful test version release in July.

The expansion of Roblox's platform is part of its strategy to make the game accessible on various devices, including mobile, desktop, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) platforms. Roblox Chief Product Officer Manuel Bronstein expressed his ambition to have Roblox available on every TV.

With 66 million daily users, most of whom are teenagers, Roblox is a leading gaming service for children. Tech giants like Meta are closely monitoring Roblox as they seek to attract the next generation of users. Meta's own "metaverse" service, Horizon, has struggled to gain similar momentum, with fewer than 200,000 monthly users as of last year.

At its annual developer conference, Roblox announced its plans to introduce an AI-powered world-building chatbot by the end of the year. This tool will allow developers to generate virtual objects and scenes without the need for coding. The chatbot closely resembles a tool previously previewed by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which used voice commands instead of written chats.

Another upcoming feature from Roblox is Connect, which will enable voice calls between mobile or desktop users, with participants appearing as avatars. The technology will utilise the device's camera to capture facial expressions and body movements, enhancing the immersive experience.

Roblox's expansion to PlayStation and the introduction of AI world-building tools demonstrate the company's commitment to providing a diverse and accessible gaming experience across multiple platforms.

  • Roblox plans to launch its platform on Sony's PlayStation devices in October.

  • The company will also make its app fully available on Meta's Quest mixed reality devices.

  • Roblox aims to be accessible on mobile, desktop and AR/VR platforms.


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