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Reliance Unveils Revolutionary Swappable Battery Tech for EVs, Expanding Clean Energy Push in India

Updated: Jan 8

Reliance Industries, the Indian oil refining giant, has unveiled its innovative swappable and multipurpose battery storage technology for electric vehicles (EVs).

Reliance Industries
Credits: REUTERS

Led by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, Reliance showcased these batteries at a renewable energy exhibition in Greater Noida, India. The company aims to make a significant push towards clean energy and reduce dependence on its oil-to-chemical business.

The swappable batteries can be used not only for mobility but also to power household appliances through an inverter. This dual functionality allows users to conveniently use one battery for both purposes. Reliance executives at the event emphasized that the batteries can be easily swapped at Reliance's battery swap stations or recharged using rooftop solar panels, which the company plans to sell.

While the executives did not provide a specific timeline for the availability of these batteries, they did mention that Reliance is actively working on customisable batteries for both business and individual usage. The company is also developing intelligent swap stations and integrated charging networks. However, Reliance has clarified that it does not intend to enter the EV manufacturing sector but will instead collaborate with existing EV makers.

Reliance's focus on battery storage solutions is part of its larger $10 billion green initiative to promote clean energy projects. The company has already acquired two battery companies, Faradion and Lithium Werks, for a total of $200 million. Faradion specialises in sodium-ion batteries, while Lithium Werks produces lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. At the exhibition, Reliance showcased an LFP chemistry-based battery.

India's government is actively promoting the adoption of electric vehicles to reduce pollution and achieve its climate goals. However, the high cost of EVs and the lack of charging infrastructure have hindered widespread adoption. To address these challenges, the government is encouraging the use of swappable batteries, which can help reduce costs and facilitate the growth of the EV market.

  • Reliance Industries has unveiled swappable and multipurpose batteries for electric vehicles.

  • The batteries can be used for both mobility and powering household appliances.

  • Reliance plans to establish battery swap stations and sell rooftop solar panels.


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