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Razer SEA HQ

By now, you'll definitely have seen and heard all about Razer's new SEA HQ located in Singapore, with its black facade, green stripes and huge logo. Well, we got a chance to visit the building, have a cup of coffee made by a robot barista and even check out some places in the building that the public can't access!

We start off at the lobby, which is the only place open to the public. There are two points of interest here, first is the RazerCafe and the second is the RazerStore. Let's talk about the cafe first.

It's the first-ever RazerCafe in the world, and it's a testament to Razer's commitment to sustainability. Every cup of coffee served is carbon neutral, from bean to cup, with disposables like cups, napkins and straws all made with recycled or recyclable materials. Don't think the coffee is subpar either, Razer has worked with PPP Coffee to make sure all the drinks served here are of a certain standard; we can certainly attest to the great tasting cappuccino!

Moving on to the RazerStore, it's the first one in Singapore, and if you're looking to try out Razer's offerings, this is a pretty good stop. You get keyboards, mice, headsets and even Razer's laptops to try out. At the back of the area, there are the smaller accessories like phone cases, Razer's Anzu smart glasses, Sneki Snek merchandise as well as Razer apparel and even three of Razer's gaming chairs to try.

We then went up to the staff-only ar