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Oppo Reno 7 Pro 5G Review: Just A Tad Better

Sometimes not all aspirations spark joy. Sometimes, it could just be another way to add the "pro" name which kinda gives a placebo effect such as the Oppo Reno 7 Pro 5G. It hints at some design elements which may have been taken from the latest iPhones with a sharp-edged design but not shying away from some unique additions that separates itself from the standard Reno 7.So does adding the word "Pro" make any difference from the standard Reno 7, or can aspirations alone lead to actual enhancements? Let's find out.

In the hands, The Oppo Reno 7 Pro feels familiar to the iPhone 12's and 13's with a flat edged display and sharp edged chassis weighing 180 grams. The Startrails Blue colourway is mostly identical to the standard Reno 7 with Oppo's Laser Direct Imaging technology to etch fine textures as small as 20 microns onto the photoresist-coated AG glass back cover of the Reno7 Pro, which results into a very unique texture to the touch and eliminates fingerprints.

But as for a distinguishable character in this pro variant, is the Breathing Light surrounding the camera module on the back of the phone, which illuminates during incoming calls, notifications or when charging.

As far as we've researched, there's only a single colour available when it comes to this ambient light and it would've been nice to have RGB options to suit different moods such as intense gaming. There's also not an option to leave the ambient light always-on, but probably a wise decision to conserve battery life.