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OpenAI Unveils Exciting Updates to Attract Developers with Lower Costs

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

[Edited] OpenAI, the company behind the popular ChatGPT, is set to introduce significant updates next month in an effort to make it more affordable and efficient for developers to build software applications based on its artificial intelligence models.

Credits: REUTERS

Sources familiar with the plans have revealed that these updates aim to attract more companies to utilize OpenAI's technology.

One of the key updates includes the addition of memory storage to OpenAI's developer tools for using AI models. This enhancement has the potential to significantly reduce costs for application makers, potentially by up to 20 times. This addresses a major concern for partners who have been wary of the high costs associated with using OpenAI's powerful models, hindering their ability to build sustainable businesses.

In addition to the memory storage update, OpenAI plans to unveil new tools with vision capabilities. These tools will enable developers to build applications that can analyze and describe images, opening up possibilities in various fields such as entertainment and medicine.

These new features reflect OpenAI's ambition to expand beyond being a consumer sensation and become a leading developer platform. OpenAI's Chief Executive, Sam Altman, has envisioned the company's growth in this direction. Initially founded as a non-profit organization in 2015 by Elon Musk and Altman, OpenAI has gradually gained recognition within the tech industry.

The company's first-ever developer conference is scheduled to take place in San Francisco on November 6, where the new features are expected to be rolled out. These updates are specifically designed to encourage companies to leverage OpenAI's technology in building AI-powered chatbots and autonomous agents capable of performing tasks without human intervention.

OpenAI has declined to comment on the upcoming updates and conference.

Keeping developers happy and engaged is a crucial aspect for OpenAI. While ChatGPT has been immensely successful among consumers, the company has faced challenges in winning over other companies. Earlier this year, OpenAI rushed to release ChatGPT plugins, hoping to gain an advantage over rival chatbots like Google's Bard. However, the plugins did not gain significant market traction, with initial hype followed by a decline in interest.

Investors have shown great interest in AI startups, with over $20 billion invested this year alone. Many of these startups rely on OpenAI's technology or that of other foundation model companies. However, concerns have been raised about the startups' dependence on companies like OpenAI or Google, as it leaves them vulnerable to replication by competitors or larger companies through product updates.

Developers whose plugins reached the top 30 in the "popular" category experienced an initial surge of excitement, only to see interest decline rapidly. One such plugin, Scholar AI, had an estimated 7,000 users per day as of late August, as reported by its developer, Lakshya Bakshi. In contrast, ChatGPT boasts an impressive 180 million monthly active users.

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, has openly acknowledged the need for improvement. Earlier this year, Altman candidly admitted to a group of developers in London that the plugins had not gained the desired level of market traction. This admission highlights OpenAI's commitment to addressing the challenges and working towards enhancing the appeal and adoption of its plugins.

OpenAI's upcoming updates and efforts to lower costs for developers demonstrate its commitment to remaining a leading player in the AI industry. By providing more affordable and efficient tools, OpenAI aims to attract a wider range of developers and solidify its position as a go-to platform for AI software development.

  • OpenAI plans to introduce major updates to make it cheaper and faster for developers to build software applications based on its AI models.

  • The updates include the addition of memory storage to developer tools, potentially reducing costs for application makers by up to 20 times.

  • OpenAI will unveil new tools with vision capabilities, enabling developers to analyze and describe images.


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