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OpenAI Enhances ChatGPT with Hearing and Speaking Abilities, Image Recognition

Updated: Jan 9

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, has announced a significant update to its ChatGPT app.

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The latest features include the ability for the chatbot to hear and speak, as well as recognise images. However, despite these advancements, ChatGPT still cannot sing.

Users of the ChatGPT app will now have the option to choose from five different voices, such as "Juniper," "Breeze," and "Ember." When prompted, the chatbot will respond with audio generated in the selected voice. For instance, it can read AI-generated bedtime stories aloud, creating a more interactive and human-like conversation experience.

These new capabilities aim to cater to on-the-go users, allowing them to engage with the app while driving or performing other tasks. OpenAI hopes that this update will position ChatGPT as a competitor to popular personal assistant offerings like Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa.

The audio response feature will be accessible to subscribers of OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus service, priced at $20 per month, as well as enterprise users. The company plans to roll out the feature gradually over the next two weeks.

In addition to the audio capabilities, OpenAI also revealed that paid and enterprise users will soon have access to a feature in GPT-4, one of the AI models powering ChatGPT. This feature will allow users to submit an image along with a related question. For example, users can upload a picture of pink sunglasses and ask the chatbot to suggest an outfit to match, or submit a math problem and request assistance in solving it.

OpenAI has worked with voice actors to develop the text-to-speech AI model that underlies the audio response feature. While the voices of ChatGPT sound quite human-like, there is still a slight robotic monotone present.

Despite these advancements, ChatGPT still has its limitations. Although it can generate song lyrics, it is unable to sing them. OpenAI's focus with this update was primarily on enhancing the conversational abilities and image recognition capabilities of the chatbot.

  • OpenAI has updated its ChatGPT app with the ability to hear and speak, allowing users to engage in more interactive conversations.

  • Users can choose from five different voices for the chatbot's audio responses.

  • The update aims to make the app more suitable for on-the-go users and positions it as a competitor to personal assistant offerings from tech giants.

Source: SCMP

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