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Ohio Plastic Surgeon's License Revoked for Harming Patients with TikTok Livestreams

Ohio Medical Board permanently revokes Dr. Roxy's license after determining patient harm due to live-streamed surgeries on TikTok.

Ohio plastic surgeon's kicense revoked for harming patients with TikTok livestreams
Credits: AP

An Ohio plastic surgeon, known as Dr. Roxy in her practice "Roxy Plastic Surgery" and among her TikTok followers, has had her state medical license permanently revoked by the Ohio Medical Board. The board cited Dr. Roxy, also known as Katharine Grawe, for neglecting her patients while livestreaming their surgeries on TikTok.

During the surgeries, Dr. Roxy livestreamed parts of the procedures, addressed the camera and responded to viewer questions, disregarding the well-being of her patients. Despite messages seeking comment, neither Dr. Roxy nor her legal team responded. At present, her TikTok account is set to private.

Ohio plastic surgeon's kicense revoked for harming patients with TikTok livestreams
Credits: AP

Concerns regarding patient privacy and ethics violations were previously raised by the board in 2018, prompting a suspension notice for Dr. Roxy. The notice also highlighted severe complications experienced by three of Dr. Roxy's patients, requiring extensive medical care.

One patient suffered a perforated intestine discovered a week after the surgery, which Dr. Roxy had partially livestreamed on TikTok. The patient experienced significant damage, bacterial infections in the abdomen and a loss of brain function due to toxins in the bloodstream, as stated in the notice.

  • Ohio plastic surgeon, Dr. Roxy, permanently loses medical license after livestreaming surgeries on TikTok.

  • Ohio Medical Board cites neglect of patients and ethical concerns as reasons for revocation.

  • Dr. Roxy's actions warned as early as 2018, with previous suspension notice.

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