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Nvidia Expands Presence in China's Electric Vehicle Sector

Nvidia, the US chip maker, has announced that four Chinese electric vehicle brands will be utilising its technology for automated driving systems.

This move highlights Nvidia's determination to expand in China, despite the tighter export rules imposed by Washington.

At the CES technology conference in Las Vegas, Nvidia revealed that Li Auto, Great Wall Motor, Zeekr, and the new EV unit of Chinese telecommunications company Xiaomi will be incorporating Nvidia's DRIVE technology to power their automated driving capabilities.

The Chinese electric vehicle market is a crucial target for Nvidia's automotive technology business. With Chinese carmakers competing to launch more advanced in-vehicle infotainment displays and automated driving functions, there is a significant growth opportunity for semiconductor manufacturers like Nvidia, Intel, and Qualcomm.

However, Nvidia and its US-based rivals face challenges in meeting the demands of Chinese customers for powerful chips while complying with the stricter US controls on exporting advanced semiconductors to China.

In addition to its expansion in the electric vehicle sector, Nvidia also announced collaborations with advertising giant WPP, Lotus, and six other companies to develop more advanced online shopping tools. By leveraging Nvidia's technology, carmakers and dealers aim to create online shopping sites with three-dimensional graphics and more realistic visuals.

  • Nvidia partners with four Chinese electric vehicle brands for automated driving systems.

  • Nvidia collaborates with WPP, Lotus, and other companies to develop advanced online shopping tools.

  • Online shopping sites with three-dimensional graphics and lifelike visuals aim to enhance the customer experience.

Source: SCMP

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