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North Korea Hackers Target US-South Korea Military Drills

Suspected North Korean hackers have attempted to infiltrate joint US-South Korean military exercises this week, South Korean police revealed on Sunday.

Credits: Reuters

The 11-day Ulchi Freedom Guardian drills, which improve readiness against North Korean threats, were due to begin on Monday. Hackers linked to North Korea targeted contractors at the exercises' simulation centre via spear-phishing emails, police stated.

Authorities confirmed no military information was stolen in the cyberattack. However, the IP address used matched one identified in North Korea's 2014 hack of a nuclear reactor operator.

  • Suspected North Korean hackers targeted US-South Korea military exercises with spear-phishing emails.

  • The cyberattack did not compromise classified information.

  • The IP address used matches one from a previous 2014 hack attributed to North Korea.


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