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  • Lawrence Ng

New All-Electric Concept Cars From Audi, Mercedes-Benz & More Presented at IAA 2021

If you haven't heard, Audi and Mercedes-Benz showed off their all-electric concept cars at IAA Mobility 2021, the first platform for future mobility. Other carmakers like Porsche, BMW and Ora also presented their own electric concept vehicles at the event.

Credit: Audi

Audi unveiled the Audi grandsphere, an all-electric sedan the company touts as a "private jet for the road". With a minimalist interior that can serve as a first-class lounge when the car is in self-driving mode, the vehicle was designed to provide luxury private travel to the driver and passengers.

The grandsphere is 5.35 metres long, 2 metres wide, 1.39 metres tall and has a wheelbase of 3.19 metres. The concept EV can travel up to 750 kilometres on a single charge and has fast recharging that can charge the car's battery from 5% to 80% in just 25 minutes.

The car's battery module has a capacity of 120kwH that — when integrated with two electric motors — can power the grandsphere to achieve its maximum output of 530kW and 960Nm of torque. This lets the sedan record approximately 99.78km/h in over four seconds.

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz also revealed a fully electric car at the motor show — the Mercedes EQG. With an angular silhouette, a ladder-frame chassis and a live rear axle, it features elements of the G-Class. The EQG brings together nostalgic and modern concepts with its familiar design and four electric motors, one at each wheel and all can be controlled individually. The battery-powered G-Wagen similarly boasts off-road capabilities, allowing drivers to move across difficult terrain.

The concept SUV has a new black panel grille instead of the traditional radiator grille and 22-inch monoblock wheels to set itself apart from the G-Class. The EQG also sports a two-tone body finish and LED strips placed at the vehicle's sides as well as the front edge and the rear end of the roof rack.

Credit: Porsche

Displaying its vision of all-electric customer motorsports, Porsche presented the Porsche Mission R at IAA 2021. Its exterior is made of natural fibre materials, embracing sustainable lightweight construction. With an interior inspired by eSports, it has a 6-inch multifunction OLED race display on the steering wheel, letting the driver view information like calculated lap times and predicted tyre usage. There's a larger screen behind the steering column that shows images from both side-mounted cameras and the central rear-view mirror camera.

Porsche said that the Mission R has the same performance level as the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, with the concept car's battery playing a big role here. To allow the driver to experience the lowest possible seating position, a block battery was used instead of an underbody battery. The battery is centrally aligned in the vehicle, providing 30 minutes of racing power and enabling Porsche Turbo Charging, thanks to its 900V technology.

Credit: Alexander Migl / Wikimedia Commons

Great Wall Motors' brand Ora similarly exhibited a fully electric racecar, the Ora Cat. With its retro design, the Ora Cat took style cues from Porsche and MINI. The concept vehicle has an electric range of up to 400km with its 63kWh battery. Its 126kw/250Nm powertrain allows the car to go from 0 to 100km/h in just 8.5 seconds.

The EV comes with a 5-millimetre wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radars and four cameras to provide the driver with a 360-degree view around the car. It also has an Automated ReverseAssist system with sensors that can record up to 50 metres of route, letting the car reverse automatically into a parking spot. The Ora Cat is also capable of semi-autonomous driving with Ora Pilot Driving, a technology that allows for adaptive cruise control, automated throttle control and intelligent curve assist.

Credit: BMW

Meanwhile, BMW debuted the i Vision Circular at the IAA 2021, embodying the event's theme of circular economy as it is made out of 100% recycled materials and powered by a recyclable electric battery. Its aerodynamically optimised black bumper is constructed out of recycled plastic and its tyres are manufactured from sustainably sourced natural rubber. Measuring four metres long, the all-electric four-seater is compact.

Its interior mixes sustainability and luxury with smooth upholstery, a light-golden aluminium frame and a rear shell with a terrazzo finish — all of which are made of recycled plastic. The car's glass roof and windscreen header let the driver and front passenger feel as if they are sitting in opening air, contributing to the i Vision Circular's sleek design.


Written by Sophia Lopez


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