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  • Kyle Chua

MWC 2022: Huawei Unveils Cross-Device Smart Office Solution Along With New Laptops, Tablets & More

Huawei has unveiled a bunch of new products along with the Super Device concept for Smart Office, a solution that seamlessly integrates its ecosystem of devices with each other to create an efficient and smooth workflow, at MWC 2022.

Credit: Huawei

Super Device, first introduced last year, is a catchall term that describes the connectivity features across the five use case scenarios the Chinese manufacturer is committed to, namely Health And Fitness, Smart Home, Easy Travel, Smart Office and Entertainment. Now, it’s bringing this exact concept to the workplace, enhancing integration of productivity-focused devices with each other, regardless of if they’re running Windows or HarmonyOS.

For instance, you can set your laptop up as your Super Device and connect your other devices to it. Doing so allows you to access and transfer files from one device to another through simple drag-and-drop commands. You’ll also be able to mirror displays and cross-collaborate between your connected devices.

To go along with this announcement, Huawei launched a host of new devices – seven, to be exact – that support the company’s new Smart Office solution.

MateBook X Pro 2022

The first of which is the Huawei MateBook X Pro, the company’s new flagship laptop. This refreshed release sports a 14.2-inch Real Colour FullView Display with a 3.1K resolution, a 92.5% screen-to-body ratio and P3 wide colour gamut modes. It also features a six-speaker system, an HD micro camera, four USB-C ports and an 11th Gen Intel U series processor. And like its predecessor, it manages to pack all these internals into a slender and ultraportable frame, with a thickness of 7.99mm and a weight of 1.5 pounds.

MateBook E

The Huawei MateBook E is the company’s first OLED laptop. This convertible hybrid is, as Huawei touts, the world’s lightest two-in-one laptop, being as thin and as light as this year’s MateBook X Pro. The company says that the new display allows you to enjoy a wide colour gamut, pro-grade colour accuracy and a peak screen brightness of up to 600 nits. It’ll run 11th Gen Intel Core processors with Intel's embedded Iris X graphics and support peripherals like the Huawei M-Pencil and the Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard.

MateStation X

Aside from laptops, Huawei also has a new all-in-one desktop PC, the MateStation X. The machine is meant to streamline your work setup, featuring a minimalist aesthetic with no visible ports and a dynamic hinge for the display. Speaking of the display, this new MateStation sports a 28.2-inch LCD touchscreen with a 4K+ resolution and a 92% screen-to-view ratio. Under the hood, it houses an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of M.2 NVMe storage. It also has two USB-C ports, two USB-A and a headphone jack.

MatePad Paper

Huawei also debuted tablets at the event, one of which is the MatePad Paper, the company’s first e-ink tablet. In case you’re unfamiliar, electronic ink (e-ink) is a display technology that attempts to mimic the physical qualities of paper to reduce eye strain and power consumption in tablets. The device sports a 10.3-inch grayscale FullView panel with an 86.3% screen-to-body ratio. Huawei says that with the M-Pencil, this e-ink tablet supports different input methods like handwriting, voice recording and handwriting-to-text conversion. It also includes a split-screen notes and annotations feature.


The company is also refreshing the MatePad this year. The new tablet boasts a 10.4-inch 2K panel with an 84% screen-to-body ratio. Huawei adds that the display was certified by TÜV Rheinland to have low blue light emissions. What’s more, it supports Natural Colour Display feature, which allows the panel to adjust the colour temperature depending on ambient light. With Huawei’s M Pencil, the tablet can support note-taking functions, such as Free Script, Annotations and Snippets. The tablet is powered by a Kirin 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM and runs HarmonyOS 2 out of the box. Other features include an 8MP selfie camera, an 8MP rear camera, a USB Type-C port and WiFi 6 network connectivity, among others.

PixLab X1

Huawei has also announced the PixLab X1, the first laser printer running on the HarmonyOS operating system. This allows it to easily integrate with the company’s other devices. This desktop printer can print 28 pages per minute with support for automatic double-sided printing. It similarly functions as a copier and scanner if you want it to. This is also the first printer to feature a toner cartridge drawer design for easy pigment replacement.

Sound Joy

Last but not least among the reveals is the Sound Joy, a portable speaker that Huawei co-engineered with French audio company Devialet. The audio device packs a four-speaker-unit system and an 8,800mAh battery, supporting up to 26 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. It also has IP67-grade certification for water and dust resistance, making it safe to use outdoors.

Huawei has yet to announce local release dates and prices for all the devices announced at the event. The company promised that it’ll make its Super Device feature available to more devices as it continues to expand its ever-growing ecosystem of offerings.

  • Huawei unveiled the Super Device concept for Smart Office, a solution that seamlessly integrates its ecosystem of devices with each other to create an efficient and smooth workflow at MWC 2022

  • The company says that the new Smart Office feature enhances cross-collaboration between productivity-focused devices, regardless of if they’re running Windows or HarmonyOS.

  • Announced alongside the new IoT system are seven new devices coming sometime this year, including refreshed versions of the MateBook X Pro and the MatePad, an e-ink tablet and a HarmonyOS laser printer.

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