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Worth the Price? Mixed Reviews on the Pixel 6 Pro

Android users have been eagerly waiting for the release of Google’s latest flagship phone, the Pixel 6 and its more expensive upgrade, the Pixel 6 Pro.

Credit: Google

But reviews have been mixed so far since it was launched on 28 October.

For starters, there are only three main points to consider when choosing between the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro -- size, cameras and price.

While this is a point for consideration, the Pixel 6’s 6.4-inch screen is not that far off from the 6 Pro’s 6.7-inch screen. Even though the Pixel 6 Pro offers a higher resolution at 1440p with a 120Hz refresh rate; the Pixel 6’s 1080p screen with 90Hz refresh rate is not bad. According to online reviews, the curved edges of the Pixel 6 Pro is more of a disadvantage as compared with the Pixel 6’s flatter screen. Typing on a curved screen requires more precision, which can be quite bothersome especially when you’re in a hurry to send an e-mail. Using the fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 6 was also more convenient compared with the Pixel 6 Pro.

The two phones also have the same cameras -- main and ultrawide. As for extra features like camera modes and software, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are pretty much the same. There’s no need to worry about camera quality with either phone. The 6 Pro has a telephoto zoom lens that is capable of up to 20x digital zoom. If this is really important for you, then go for the 6 Pro.

Credit: Google

Other key similarities of the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro include the Google Tensor processor, both are IP68 rated for dust and water resistance, both run on Android 12 and both make use of the USB-C connector. Meanwhile, the slight differences in the two phone’s other specs like RAM -- 8GB for the Pixel 6 and 12GB for the Pixel 6 Pro -- and battery -- 4,614 mAh for Pixel 6 and 5,003 mAh for the Pixel 6 Pro -- are deemed as negligible.

As such, going to the last but very important thing to consider is the US$300 price difference between the two phones. The Pixel 6 is priced at US$599 while the Pixel 6 Pro is priced at US$899. While yes, the extra couple of hundred dollars can give you a bigger phone with a more premium feel and a few upgrades like a telephoto lens and extra 4GB of memory, there’s really not much more to justify the Pixel 6 Pro’s price.

For those who are on a budget or are not too finicky when it comes to their phones, online reviewers said that the Pixel 6 is not a bad option. It provides great upgrades from its predecessor, the Pixel 5 with a fair price tag. It’s good enough to compete against other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the in-demand iPhone 13.


Written by Abby Rebong

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