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Millions of Twitter Users’ Data Leak Online Even As Musk Claims Signups Reach All-Time High

Elon Musk should probably avoid boasting about Twitter's new signups if his new company cannot keep users' private data secure.

Credit: India Times

According to Bleeping Computer, the microblogging site suffered from multiple breaches over the last few months, resulting in potentially tens of millions of user data being compromised. At least 5.4 million user records containing non-public information were recently made available for free on a hacking site after first being circulated in August. Security researchers found that there was a similar data dump for over 1.7 million Twitter profiles of suspended users.

The vulnerability in question involved the use of a Twitter API that allowed users to submit phone numbers and email addresses to retrieve the associated Twitter ID. The ID could then be used to scrape other information tied to the profile. It has since been resolved, but the damage appears to have already been done.