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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Review: The Imperfect Creative Mix

It’s a little shame but there seems to be a trend with Microsoft Surface products in general. Their flagships always arrive just a tad too late. This is the Surface Laptop Studio and it really is quite the unique take on what hybrid style laptop can be. But with the market now saturated with Intel 12th-Gen, this is still running on 11th-Gen. So is it still worth it? Let’s talk about this.

When we talk about the Microsoft Surface lineup, the most prominent two would be the Surface Pro and the Surface Laptop which are loved by many. Myself included. The Surface Laptop Studio is kind of like combining those two to make a single product that will appeal to both sides of the market.

So, you can lift up the lid and use it like a standard clamshell type laptop like that of the Surface Laptop, or you can tilt the display and prop it slightly forward or all the way down like you would with the kickstand on the Surface Pro. This is the very mechanism which makes this unique and quite a bit different from everything else in the market out there.

It’s the way in which you can interact with it that makes it quite versatile. Combine it with the Surface Slim Pen 2 and it really can be your own portable design studio. When I dabble with Lightroom or even Photoshop, everything just feels great to use and the whole design just makes it really intuitive. It’s natural. Not to mention there’s a neat trick to charge the Surface Slim Pen 2 simply by sliding it under that front lip and it’ll attach magnetically. And it’s really strong to the point that it fills me with confidence, knowing it’ll be there even if I’m running with the lap