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Microsoft President Dismisses Possibility of Super-Intelligent AI in Near Future

Updated: Jan 5

In a recent statement, Microsoft President Brad Smith has categorically denied the likelihood of super-intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) being developed within the next 12 months. Smith cautioned that the technology could take decades to materialise.

Vice Chairman of Microsoft Brad Smith
Credit: Microsoft

The statement comes in the wake of OpenAI cofounder Sam Altman's removal as CEO, which was swiftly reversed after protests from employees and shareholders. It was reported that Altman's ouster followed a warning from researchers about a potentially dangerous discovery.

The internal project, known as Q* (pronounced Q-Star), is believed to be a significant breakthrough in OpenAI's pursuit of artificial general intelligence (AGI). AGI refers to autonomous systems that surpass humans in economically valuable tasks.

However, Brad Smith refuted claims of a dangerous breakthrough during a press conference in Britain. He stated, "There's absolutely no probability that you're going to see this so-called AGI, where computers are more powerful than people, in the next 12 months. It's going to take years, if not many decades, but I still think the time to focus on safety is now."

Sources revealed that the warning to OpenAI's board was one of several grievances that led to Altman's firing. Concerns were raised about commercialising advances without adequately assessing their risks.

When asked if the discovery played a role in Altman's removal, Smith responded, "I don't think that is the case at all. I think there obviously was a divergence between the board and others, but it wasn't fundamentally about a concern like that."

Smith emphasised the need for safety measures in AI systems that control critical infrastructure. He compared these measures to safety brakes in elevators, circuit breakers for electricity and emergency brakes for buses, stating that AI systems should always remain under human control.

In conclusion, Microsoft's President Brad Smith has dismissed the possibility of super-intelligent AI emerging in the near future. While acknowledging the potential of AGI, he believes it will take years, if not decades, to develop. Smith also stressed the importance of prioritising safety in AI systems.

  • Microsoft President Brad Smith denies the likelihood of super-intelligent AI in the next 12 months.

  • OpenAI's internal project, Q*, is seen as a breakthrough in the pursuit of artificial general intelligence.

  • Concerns over commercialising advances without assessing risks contributed to Sam Altman's removal as CEO.


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