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Meta Considers Paid Versions for Facebook and Instagram in EU to Remove Ads

According to a report by The New York Times, Meta Platforms is contemplating the introduction of paid versions of Facebook and Instagram for users in the European Union (EU) as a response to regulatory scrutiny.

Credits: REUTERS

The move aims to provide an alternative to the ad-based services offered by Meta and address privacy concerns raised by EU regulators.

The paid subscriptions would allow users to enjoy an ad-free experience on the platforms, while Meta would continue to offer free versions with ads. The plans were revealed by three individuals familiar with the matter. The introduction of paid versions could help Meta navigate the challenges posed by EU regulations and offer users greater control over their data.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has faced antitrust investigations by EU regulators and recently lost a legal battle against a German order that prohibited the collection of user data without consent. By offering paid versions, Meta hopes to alleviate concerns and provide users with a choice in how they engage with the platforms.

The cost of the paid versions has not been disclosed yet and Meta has not responded to Reuters' request for comment on the matter. The potential introduction of paid subscriptions reflects Meta's efforts to adapt to evolving regulatory landscapes and address user privacy concerns.

  • Meta Platforms is considering paid versions of Facebook and Instagram for EU users.

  • The move is a response to regulatory scrutiny and privacy concerns.

  • Paid versions would offer an ad-free experience, while free versions would continue to display ads.


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