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Meta's AI Chatbots to Mimic Personalities in Bid to Boost Engagement

Social media giant developing humanlike bots ahead of September launch to enhance user experience across its platforms.

Credits: REUTERS

Meta Platforms is preparing to unveil AI-powered chatbots exhibiting diverse personalities as early as September, the Financial Times reported Tuesday.

The Menlo Park tech firm has designed prototypes for bots capable of humanlike conversations with users. This aims to increase engagement across Meta's social media apps, per sources briefed on the plans. Ideas include a chatbot with Abraham Lincoln's speaking style and a surfer-style bot for travel advice. The chatbots will offer new search and recommendations functionality.

The launch follows Meta's focus on retaining users of its new texting app Threads after over half left within weeks of its July 5 debut. Meta declined to comment on the report when contacted by Reuters.

Meta saw a strong rise in ad revenue in its latest earnings amid hype around emerging AI tech. It has shed 21,000 employees since fall 2022 as part of a cost-cutting drive.

The firm released its open-source AI model Llama 2 in July for commercial use. Microsoft will distribute it via Azure cloud and it will run on Windows.

Apple is also believed to be developing ChatGPT and Google Bard rivals based on its Ajax large language model framework. Its unnamed chatbot is nicknamed "Apple GPT" internally.

  • Meta is preparing to unveil chatbots with distinct personalities in September to boost user engagement.

  • This follows its focus on retaining users after a disappointing app launch.

  • The chatbots will showcase Meta's investment in AI as it recovers from recent challenges.


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