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  • Kyle Chua

Meta’s AI Can Build Virtual Spaces For You On Command

Meta wants you to be able to build virtual spaces in the metaverse, such as a park or a beach, just by using your voice. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, at a live event today, demonstrated the artificial intelligence (AI) technology powering the experience.

Credit: Meta

In a prerecorded video, the Facebook founder’s legless avatar is seen in what appears to be a stripped-down version of the company’s Horizon Worlds virtual reality platform. Together with a coworker, he prompts a Builder Bot, a 3D representation of the company’s in-development AI software, to take him to a park. The Builder Bot then proceeds to generate a virtual landscape of a park. But Zuckerberg quickly changes his mind, now prompting the AI to take him to a beach. It once again follows his command and generates everything he describes. At one point, he even asked it to create altocumulus clouds, showing off how specific you can be with your commands.

Meta, however, has yet to share any technical details on how the experience works. For example, it’s unclear whether the AI is building objects and scenery from scratch or picking premade assets from the platform’s library. We likely won’t find out until later down the line as the demo looks to be an early prototype, serving as a proof of concept of what the company has in mind for the metaverse.

Zuckerberg said that the Builder Bot is but one implementation of the company’s larger AI initiative called Project CAIRaeoke. He explained that AI will play a central role in the company’s plans for the metaverse.

“In the metaverse, we're going to need AI that is built around helping people navigate virtual worlds as well as our physical world with augmented reality,” the social media executive said.

Among other implementations of AI tech that Zuckerberg outlined include real-time speech-to-speech translation and self-supervised learning (SSL) to build systems capable of understanding abstracts.

“When we have glasses on our faces, that will be the first time that an AI system will be able to really see the world from our perspective: See what we see, hear what we hear and more,” said Zuckerberg.

He promised that his company is building the metaverse for everyone in an open and responsible manner, one in which users’ privacy and wellbeing are taken into account. Meta continues to struggle with distancing itself from its toxic past characterized by numerous scandals concerning data privacy, disinformation and surveillance, to name a few. Last year's re-brand is meant to signal the company's shift in focus toward bringing the theoretical metaverse into reality. And, going by today's announcements, it's apparent that Zuckerberg is truly committed to expand his company's reach beyond social media.

  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a live event unveiled a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that enables metaverse users to build virtual worlds using only their voice.

  • While he didn't share technical details about how it works, the prerecorded demo shows how the Builder Bot AI is able to understand specific commands.

  • Zuckerberg also announced Project CAIRaeoke, a new Meta initiative developing AI systems that will power experiences in the metaverse.

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