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  • Bryan Tan

Precision & Comfort In Your Gaming With The Logitech G502 X Plus!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

For gaming enthusiasts looking to improve their experiences in-game, the Logitech G502 X Plus is a formidable contender in the gaming mice market. As an upgraded version of the already acclaimed G502, this sleek, first-person shooter-style mouse promises to deliver unrivalled performance, customisation and comfort.

G502 X Plus
G502 X Plus

The Logitech G502 X Plus is a high-end gaming mouse that offers a wide range of features and customisation options. It features a 25,600 DPI Hero 25K sensor, 13 programmable buttons and a customisable RGB lighting system. The mouse is also compatible with Logitech's Powerplay wireless charging system.

G502 X Plus
G502 X Plus

So I've been using the G502 X Plus for a few weeks and I've been quite happy with its performance. The sensor is incredibly accurate and responsive, and the buttons are tactile and satisfying to click. The mouse is also very comfortable for my palm styled grip, even for long gaming sessions.


The G502 X Plus is very much reflective of of the term "ergonomic design", ensuring a perfect fit in the user's hand. Slightly wider and lighter than its predecessor (G502 Lightspeed) at 106g, the mouse's curvy shape provides a comfortable grip, ideal for extended gaming sessions. The G502 X Plus also boasts an eye-catching 8-zone RGB lighting element, adding a touch of personality to your gaming setup. This design upgrade and its stylish appearance will very much appeal to younger gamers seeking a device that reflects their passion for gaming.

G502 X Plus
G502 X Plus

One of the G502 X Plus's defining features is its wealth of inputs, boasting 13 customisable buttons (including the scroll wheel‘s up, down, left and right. The top panel alone features nine programmable buttons, including left and right clicks, a customisable scroll wheel, and two buttons in the centre column. On the left edge, you'll find the standard back and forward buttons along with the FPS "sniper" button. The G502 X Plus's button placement feels natural, enhancing usability and enabling quick and precise actions. Its thoughtful arrangement ensures that every button serves a practical purpose, making it a versatile and efficient gaming tool. However, MMORPG players who desire a few more buttons might want to look elsewhere, as this mouse is clearly designed with FPS in mind.

G502 X Plus
G502 X Plus

Incorporating Logitech's own Lightforce opto-mechanical mouse switches, the G502 X Plus offers enhanced click timing and responsiveness. While these improvement may seem subtle to your casual gamer, it might grant you an edge in competitive gaming scenarios.

Battery Life

The G502 X Plus is a champion in battery life and charging efficiency. With a battery life of up to 130 hours without RGB lighting (37 with RGB), it provides prolonged gaming sessions with almost no interruptions. For those who absolutely do not want to worry about charging, the Logitech G Powerplay charging mousepad grants basically an infinite battery life, effectively liberating you from constant charging. Embracing the modern era, the G502 X Plus also boasts a USB-C charging port, a significant upgrade over the older Micro USB connection.

G Hub

Logitech's G Hub software complements the G502 X Plus, offering advanced settings customisation for a personalised gaming experience. With the ability to reassign the mouse's buttons, you can create game-specific profiles and macros to optimise your performance in various gaming titles. The RGB lighting system is also customisable so that you can choose from various colours and effects.

Compared to its competitors, I would actually say that G Hub's overall interface is super simple and makes tinkering with configurations a breeze, allowing you complete control over your gaming setup.

G502 X Line

While the G502 X Plus leads the pack as the flagship model, within the G502 X line you'll also have the standard G502 X wired mouse and the G502 X Lightspeed wireless version. All three variants share a similar set of features, including the Hero 25K sensor capable of tracking at up to 25,600 DPI and Logitech's Lightforce opto-mechanical switches.

These mice caters to different setup preferences, offering users a the freedom of choice for their specific needs and wants.

Gaming Experience

After putting the G502 X Plus to the test in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Overwatch 2 and Honkai Star Rail, I think this mouse is a real solid one. The lightweight chassis allows for swift cursor movements, while the Hero 25K sensor ensures snappy gameplay. Both of which I feel has enhanced my overall in-game and ergonomic experiences.

Pricing & Availability

The G502 X Plus starts from S$255 and is available in most online retailers and e-commerce outlets.

The Logitech G502 X Plus represents the top of the G502 line, boasting good comfort, customisation and inprovements. Designed with young gamers in mind, this gaming mouse delivers a great blend of style and substance. From its striking RGB light bar to its Lightforce switches, every aspect of the G502 X Plus is crafted to elevate your gaming journey to new heights.

G502 X Plus
G502 X Plus

So whether you're an aspiring esports pro or a casual gamer seeking an improved gaming experience, the Logitech G502 X Plus is a high-quality, feature-rich option. However, it is also a costly mouse, so you might want to hold out for a sale unless you are absolutely sure you can pony up the price and use it to its maximum potential.

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