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  • Cheryl Tan

Lenovo Introduces The World’s First 5G PC, Foldable PC And More At CES 2020

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Ready for super-fast Internet speeds? Once you get your hands on Lenovo’s new 5G laptop, the Yoga 5G, you’ll be able to get speeds of up to 10x faster than current 4G speeds if your network supports it.

That’s not all, Lenovo has also debuted the world’s first foldable PC. Looking similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold phone, the ThinkPad X1 Fold is built with a combination of lightweight alloys and carbon fibre and runs a 2K display with an LG OLED panel.

Weighing less than 1KG, this 13.3-inch laptop can fold in half and reduce the width by 50%, making it easy to carry around while commuting.

Credit: Lenovo

Want a laptop that can do more than others? The new ThinkBook Plus laptop has an e-ink display on the cover, so users will still be able to draw, take notes and receive important notifications even if the lid is closed.

Sometimes, that digital photo frame just doesn’t show photos at their best under certain viewing angles because of glare or other factors. With the new Lenovo Smart Frame, you’ll be able to enjoy your photos at any viewing angle thanks to the screen that’s been burnished with a matte finish and anti-glare layer.

There’s a colour tone sensor that automatically senses the ambient light and tunes the photo’s brightness for optimal viewing. You won’t even have to touch the frame or use an inconvenient app to scroll through the images, just use hand gestures!

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