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JBL Club One Review: More Expensive Than The Sony WH-1000XM4?!

Man, JBL is on a roll with their new products. The JBL Club One headphones are new and they’re surprisingly pricey, at S$539 or around US$350, which is actually, more expensive than one of my favourite headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM4. So, are they worth the money?

Let’s talk design first. If you’ve watched our recent review of the JBL Club Pro+ true wireless earbuds, you’ll notice that the design is pretty similar. That’s because they’re all part of the Club lineup from JBL, so I think they did a pretty good job in terms of design continuity.

The headset is really sleek, with 99% of it basically being matte black. The parts that aren’t matte black are the glossy Club words on either side of the headband and the JBL logo on either earcup. Oh, and this shiny silver strip. I love it; it’s subtle but it’ll catch your attention if you’re looking at it from an angle.