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  • Lawrence Ng

iPadOS 15 Is Coming 20 September, and Even Better Multitasking Is Coming With It

Recently, Apple unveiled the new iPad Mini 6 and iPad at its California Streaming event. The upcoming iPadOS 15 will run on these tablets, with the new operating system coming with great productivity features like enhanced multitasking, Focus mode and more. If you're interested in seeing how it looks like in video, check out our review of the iPad Pro and iPadOS public beta here.

Credit: Apple

A new Multitasking menu will allow you to open apps in full screen, Slide Over, Centre Window or Split View with two apps side by side easily, thanks to the new Multitasking button on the top of the screen that's present whenever you open a supported app.

When you choose a multitasking layout, you get access to your Home Screen, where you can choose which apps you want to use simultaneously.

Credit: Apple

In Split View, your apps will appear side by side. You can swipe down from the top of the app you want to replace and choose a new app from the Home Screen.

Credit: Apple

Meanwhile, the centre window format will let you see three panels all at once. To enable this, you need to touch and hold to move an email, note or message to the centre of your screen.

You can also view all the open windows for a specific app and easily switch between them with the new shelf layout.

To quickly move from one app to another, you can take advantage of the App Switcher. It lets you create Split View spaces on one screen, allowing you to see various apps.

Credit: Apple

If you love organising, then you'll be happy with the addition of the App Library. It automatically groups similar apps together depending on their respective categories, exactly like how it's done on the iPhone. This is built into the end of the Dock, and you'll be able to open it when trying to select a second app for multitasking.

These multitasking capabilities can help you take notes while you're watching a video, send emails while reading the news and more.

Credit: Apple

If you need to stay focused on the task at hand, you can make use of Focus modes. Focus modes let you stay in the moment, whether you need to finish up some work or make time for yourself. Currently, there are multiple preset modes such as Do Not Disturb, Work, Personal, Sleep, Mindfulness, Gaming and Fitness. You can also create customised Focus modes depending on what the situation calls for.

Your contacts will know if you've activated a Focus mode as your status will be automatically displayed in Messages. This will let people plan their communications with you accordingly.

You can choose which contacts and apps you still want to get notifications from in the Focus mode you're setting up. You can also enable "Time Sensitive" notifications so that you will be alerted when your device receives urgent messages.

iPadOS 15 will go live on 20 September 2021 (21 September in Singapore), with Apple's newly announced iPad 9th-gen and new iPad Mini slated for a 24 September release.


Written by Sophia Lopez


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