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Instagram Releases Security Checkup for Users Of Compromised Accounts, Promotes Ways To Secure It

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

After seeing a rise in scams where people impersonate Instagram and ask for users’ passwords in private messages, Instagram rolled out a new feature called Security Checkup that lets users whose accounts are compromised easily regain back control. This will walk them through a process where users will inspect their login activity, check their profile information and verify contact details such as their mobile number and email address.

Instagram Security Checkup

Credit: Instagram

While promoting the latest safety feature, the photo-sharing app told users that they can further secure their account by enabling two-factor authentication with their phone number or with the help of third parties Duo Mobile or Google Authentication.

Instagram Login Request

Credit: Instagram

Upon setting up two-factor authentication, users will be notified when a person tries to log in to their account with an unrecognisable device or browser. The notification will let them know what device was used for the log-in attempt and where it came from.

They can see a list of devices that recently logged into their profiles in the “Login Activity” tab under security settings. If they find a device that does not belong to them, they can log out of that session and raise the concern to Instagram.

Instagram added that users can activate two-factor authentication with their WhatsApp number in a few weeks. WhatsApp accounts in select countries can take advantage of this function soon.

Aside from increasing security walls, another way to ensure that your Instagram account will be defended from safety threats is to update your contact number and email address. Doing that will let you immediately receive alerts should your profile experience any suspicious activity. It can also speed up account recovery.

After hearing about users’ malicious efforts to impersonate Instagram and send a direct message (DM) to others asking for their passwords, the social media company clarified that it will never seek out sensitive information through DM. As a result, it cautioned the public to be aware of scams and informed them that the “Emails from Instagram” tab in the settings page is the only official avenue where support staff will reach out to users.

Instagram Report

Credit: Instagram

If you ever come across suspected hackers or spam accounts, it is suggested that you report them to make the online platform a safer place. You can access the report page by tapping the three dots on top of a post, pressing a questionable DM for a few seconds or reporting someone from their profile.


Written by Sophia Lopez

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