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India to Launch Electric Air Taxis in 2026 through InterGlobe and Archer Partnership

Updated: Jan 8

India is set to introduce electric air taxis in 2026 through a joint venture between InterGlobe Enterprises, the parent company of IndiGo Airlines and U.S.-based Archer Aviation.

an all-electric aircraft

The companies announced on Thursday that the all-electric air taxi service will be "cost-competitive" with on-road transportation options, aiming to address the growing need for efficient transport solutions in India's congested cities.

Archer Aviation, supported by major players like Stellantis, Boeing and United Airlines, specialises in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Their 'Midnight' e-aircraft can accommodate four passengers and a pilot, covering distances of up to 100 miles. The service is expected to commence with 200 aircraft in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The air taxi service will significantly reduce travel times in congested cities. For example, a journey that typically takes 60 to 90 minutes by car in Delhi will only take approximately 7 minutes in an air taxi. This will not only alleviate traffic congestion but also contribute to reducing pollution levels.

InterGlobe Enterprises, which holds a 38% stake in IndiGo Airlines, plans to utilise the e-aircraft for various purposes, including cargo transportation, logistics, medical services, emergency services and charter flights. The partnership aims to obtain regulatory clearances to ensure a smooth launch of the service.

Archer Aviation has already secured a $142 million deal with the U.S. Air Force to provide six Midnight aircraft. Additionally, the company plans to launch an air taxi service in the United Arab Emirates.

The announcement of the partnership has had a positive impact on the stock market, with Archer Aviation's shares rising by 1.5% in U.S. premarket trading. InterGlobe Aviation, the parent company of IndiGo Airlines, also experienced a slight increase of 0.12% in its stock value.

In summary, the collaboration between InterGlobe Enterprises and Archer Aviation will bring electric air taxis to India in 2026. This innovative transportation solution aims to address the challenges of congestion and pollution in major Indian cities, providing a faster and more sustainable mode of travel.

  • InterGlobe Enterprises and Archer Aviation will launch electric air taxis in India in 2026.

  • The service will be "cost-competitive" with on-road transportation options.

  • Archer Aviation's 'Midnight' e-aircraft can carry four passengers and a pilot for up to 100 miles.


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