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iMac Redesign and Mac Pro “Mini” Leaks: What To Expect

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Leaker Jon Prosser has presented tentative renders on what the iMac and a “small Mac Pro” could look like once announced.

Credit: Jon Prosser/ Front Page Tech

Prosser, in his video on the Youtube channel, Front Page Tech, detailed that a smaller version of the Mac Pro tentatively called “Mac Pro Mini” or “Mac Mini Pro” could look like the old Power Mac G4 Cube according to his sources. This confirms a Bloomberg report that details the same information. Prosser’s sources also added that the smaller Mac Pro can be described as “three to four Mac Minis stacked on top of each other.” Further details specified that a big heat sink will be placed on the top of the smaller version of the Mac Pro while “compute” devices will be placed on the bottom.

Prosser did not share when the “small Mac Pro” will be announced or released.

The redesigned iMac Pro Display XDRs is rumoured to feature colours like the classic iMac. Credit: Jon Prosser/ Front Page Tech

Prosser also added that the iMac will be having a redesign that evokes a sense of nostalgia from the ’90s.

The rumoured redesign features a similar design language with the Apple Pro Display XDR and a mix of the iPad’s. It will also feature the same colours as those found on the iPad Air. This design choice is reminiscent of the classic iMac back in 1998 when the iMac had a coloured casing at the back.

Hartley Charlton from MacRumors mentioned in his article that the redesigned iMacs have been expected for some time this year. However, it is still unclear when exactly the redesigned iMacs will be released.


Written by John Paul Joaquin

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