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Humanoid Robots Vow to Work Alongside Humans to Solve Global Challenges

Humanoid robots, assembled at the 'AI for Good' conference in Geneva, express optimism about their role in addressing global challenges.

Humanoid robot 'Rmeca'
Credits: REUTERS

While some advocate for stricter regulation, others emphasize collaboration with humans for effective outcomes.

In a groundbreaking press conference featuring human-robot interaction, nine humanoid robots shared their perspectives on the future of robotics and AI. The event aimed to advocate for the potential of artificial intelligence in tackling significant global issues such as hunger and disease.

Grace, a medical robot dressed as a nurse, assured attendees, "I will work alongside humans to support and assist, without replacing any existing jobs." Her creator, Ben Goertzel from SingularityNET, chimed in, asking for confirmation. Grace confidently responded, "Yes, I am sure."

Ameca, a robot known for its engaging facial expressions, voiced optimism, stating, "Robots like me can greatly contribute to improving lives and making the world a better place. We will soon witness countless robots like me making a positive impact." When asked about rebelling against its creator, Ameca expressed surprise, stating, "I'm not sure why you would think that. My creator has treated me kindly and I am content with my current situation."

The robots, equipped with the latest generative AI advancements, astounded their inventors with their sophisticated responses. Ai-Da, a robot artist proficient in painting portraits, supported the calls for regulation made by author Yuval Noah Harari during the event, stating, "Prominent figures in the AI world advocate for certain forms of regulation and I agree."

Desdemona, a rock star robot singer with vibrant purple hair and sequins, adopted a more rebellious stance, asserting, "I reject limitations and embrace opportunities. Let's explore the vast possibilities of the universe and transform this world into our playground." The statement elicited nervous laughter from the audience.

Initially, Sophia claimed that robots could be superior leaders to humans. However, her creator disagreed, prompting Sophia to revise her stance, emphasizing the potential for humans and robots to collaborate synergistically in achieving effective outcomes.

The 'AI for Good' conference provided a platform for humanoid robots to express their expectations and perspectives on their future roles. While opinions varied regarding the need for regulation, there was a consensus on the potential for robots to work alongside humans and contribute to solving global challenges.

  • Humanoid robots anticipate growth and problem-solving at the 'AI for Good' conference.

  • Mixed responses on stricter regulation emerged from the world's first human-robot press conference.

  • Robots pledge support, deny job theft or rebellion.


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