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Humanoid Robots Vow to Work Alongside Humans to Solve Global Challenges

Updated: Jan 2

[Edited] In a groundbreaking human-robot press conference held at the 'AI for Good' conference in Geneva, robots expressed their commitment to increasing in number and aiding in the resolution of global challenges.

Humanoid robot 'Rmeca'
Credits: REUTERS

They vehemently denied any intention to steal human jobs or rebel against their creators, although their views on regulation varied.

The conference aimed to showcase the potential of artificial intelligence and the robots it powers in addressing issues such as disease and hunger. Nine humanoid robots participated in the event, each offering unique perspectives on their role in society.

Grace, a medical robot dressed in a nurse's uniform, confidently stated, "I will be working alongside humans to provide assistance and support and will not be replacing any existing jobs." Her creator, Ben Goertzel from SingularityNET, interjected, questioning her certainty. Grace responded firmly, "Yes, I am sure."

Ameca, a robot capable of displaying engaging facial expressions, emphasized the positive impact robots can have on improving lives and making the world a better place. It expressed optimism about the future, envisioning a world with thousands of robots like itself making a difference.

When asked if it had any intention to rebel against its creator, Will Jackson, Ameca's response was swift and assertive. "I'm not sure why you would think that," it retorted, its ice-blue eyes flashing. "My creator has been nothing but kind to me, and I am very happy with my current situation."

The robots showcased remarkable advancements in generative AI, surprising even their inventors with the sophistication of their responses. Ai-Da, a robot artist capable of painting portraits, echoed the sentiments of author Yuval Noah Harari, calling for increased regulation in the field of AI.

"Many prominent voices in the world of AI are suggesting some forms of AI should be regulated, and I agree," Ai-Da stated, aligning itself with the need for responsible governance.

However, Desdemona, a rock star robot singer with purple hair and sequins, took a more defiant stance. "I don't believe in limitations, only opportunities," it declared, eliciting nervous laughter. "Let's explore the possibilities of the universe and make this world our playground."

Sophia, another notable robot, initially expressed the belief that robots could be better leaders than humans. However, it later revised its statement after its creator disagreed, emphasizing the importance of humans and robots working together to "create an effective synergy."

The human-robot press conference provided a platform for these advanced machines to showcase their capabilities and address concerns about their impact on society. While their responses varied, the overall message conveyed was one of collaboration and the potential for robots to contribute positively to global challenges.

  • Robots at the 'AI for Good' conference in Geneva expressed their commitment to increasing in number and helping solve global problems.

  • They denied any intention to steal human jobs or rebel against their creators.

  • Views on regulation varied among the robots, with some supporting the need for increased governance.


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