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  • Kyle Chua

Huawei Launches “Five-Star Broadband Standard” in China, Boasting Speeds That Exceed 1.2Gbps

Huawei in partnership with Hainan Telecom has launched what’s being hailed as a “five-star broadband standard” in Hainan, China, a solution that unifies fibre networking and service standards to create fast internet connections with no dead spots.

Credit: Unsplash

According to Gizchina, the home broadband is typically divided into five standard dimensions covering the different needs of users, from one star to five stars. Huawei’s newly launched offering is said to meet the highest standard in telecom star-rated broadband.

The broadband service reportedly boasts speeds of up to 1.2Gbps thanks to it using Huawei’s FTTR all-optical home solution and the newest Wi-Fi 6 technology. What’s more, it can cover entire houses, leaving no dead spots. This means that all members of a household can enjoy a stable and smooth connection regardless of where they are connecting in their homes. It also uses Huawei’s anti-interference to decrease latency and reduce any interferences with the network.

Additionally, the broadband features network-wide self-management tools, allowing users to test their home bandwidths and Wi-Fi rate and detect network problems with just one click. Wi-Fi optimisation has similarly been streamlined to make it easier for users to benefit from the maximum speed of their networks. It also includes parental controls for one-key management of apps.

Credit: Gizchina

Huawei also claims that the technology is safe for the environment. The networking medium of the broadband is fibre, which the Chinese telecommunication provider notes is primarily made from sand, a green raw material. The company adds the equipment its using adopts an intelligent sleep technology that can automatically lower energy consumption during idle times.

Liu Xiheng, Huawei’s Vice President of Optical Product Line, touted that Huawei’s new broadband solution can fundamentally change the network experience of today’s homes. He emphasised how it is the best choice when compared to existing network models.

Huawei didn’t say whether it eventually plans to also deploy the networking solution to other markets.

  • Huawei in partnership with Hainan Telecom has launched what’s being hailed as a “five-star broadband standard” in Hainan, China.

  • The new solution unifies fibre networking and service standards to enable internet speeds that exceed 1.2Gbps with no dead zones.

  • The Chinese telecommunications provider didn't say if it eventually plans to also deploy the broadband technology to other markets.

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