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Hackers Targeted MGM, Caesars and Three Other Companies, Okta Reveals

Updated: Jan 9

In a recent development, it has been disclosed that the hackers responsible for breaching the systems of casino giants MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment have also targeted three other firms.

Hackers targeted MGM
Credits: REUTERS

Okta, an identity management company, has confirmed that five of its clients, including MGM and Caesars, fell victim to the hacking groups known as ALPHV and Scattered Spider.

David Bradbury, Chief Security Officer of Okta, stated that the breaches occurred since August but did not disclose the names of the other affected companies. Okta is actively cooperating with official investigations into the cyber attacks. These incidents shed light on the increasing prevalence of ransomware attacks, which impact various industries, from healthcare providers to telecom firms.

The repercussions of the breaches have been significant for MGM and Caesars. Both companies experienced a decline in market value as their stock prices fell. MGM is still grappling with the operational disruptions caused by the cyber attack at its hotels and gaming venues in Las Vegas and Macau.

Okta, headquartered in San Francisco, provides identity services, including multi-factor authentication, to over 17,000 customers worldwide. The company issued an alert last month after identifying multiple breaches at its clients. Bradbury emphasised the need to address these attacks and raise awareness within the industry.

The hacking group ALPHV, motivated by financial gain, claimed responsibility for the MGM hack and issued a warning of further attacks unless a deal was struck. The ransom amount demanded by ALPHV remains undisclosed. Bradbury revealed that the group breached MGM's systems and gained access to Okta's client, which subsequently provided them with additional credentials.

Scattered Spider, another hacking group, appears to have collaborated with ALPHV in these recent attacks. Bradbury cited research by security analysts who have been tracking both groups and described them as "business associates or affiliates." Mandiant Intelligence, a division of Google, has identified Scattered Spider as one of the most disruptive hacking outfits in the United States.

MGM and Caesars have yet to provide detailed comments on the breaches. MGM acknowledged a "cybersecurity issue," while Caesars stated that they are investigating the breach. The investigations into these incidents are ongoing and the affected companies are working diligently to mitigate the damage caused by the cyber attacks.

  • Hackers who targeted MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment also breached the systems of three other companies.

  • Okta, an identity management company, confirmed that five of its clients, including MGM and Caesars, fell victim to the hacking groups ALPHV and Scattered Spider.

  • Ransomware attacks, affecting various industries, have gained attention due to these recent breaches.


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